Indian Forest Service


Agricultural Engineering

Soil and Water Conservation : Scope of soil and water conservation. Mechanics and types of erosion, their causes. Irrigation and Drainage : Sources of water for irrigation. Planning and design of minor irrigation projects. Techniques of measuring soil moisture – laboratory and in situ, Soil-water plant  relationships. Water requirement of crops.

Animal Husbandry And Veterinary Science

Animal Nutrition-Animal Physiology-Livestock Production and Management-Genetics and Animal Breeding-Health and Hygiene-Animal Diseases-Veterinary Public Health


Microbiology and Plant Pathology-Cryptogams-Phanerogams-Plant Utility and Exploitation-Morphogenesis-Cell Biology-Genetics, Molecular Biology and Evolution

Chemical Engineering

Fluid and Particle Dynamics-Mass Transfer-Heat Transfer-Noval Separation Processes-Process Equipment Design


Atomic structure-Chemical bonding-Solid state-The gaseous state-Thermodynamics and statistical thermodynamics-Phase equilibria and solutions

Civil Engineering

Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials and structural Analysis-Fluid Mechanics-Hydrology


Silviculture – General Silvicultural Principles : ecological and physiological factors influencing vegetation, natural and artificial regeneration of forests; methods of propagation, grafting techniques; site factors


General Geology The Solar System, meteorities, origin and interior of the earth. Radioactivity and age of earth; Volcanoes- causes and products, volcanic belts. Earthquakes-causes, effects, earthquake belts, seismicity of India, intensity and magnitude, seismongraphs. Island arcs, deep sea trenches and mid-ocean ridges.


Linear Algebra
Vector, space, linear dependence and independence, subspaces, bases, dimensions. Finite dimensional vector spaces. Matrices, Cayley-Hamiliton theorem, Eigen values and Eigenvectors, matrix of  linear transformation, row and column reduction, Echelon form, equivalence, congruence and similarity

Mechanical Engineering

Theory of Machines
Kinematic and dynamic analysis of planar mechanisms. Cams, Gears and gear trains,Flywheels, Governors, Balancing of rigid rotors, Balancing of single and multicylinder engines, Linear vibration analysis of mechanical systems (single degree and two degrees of freedom), Critical speeds and whirling of shafts, Automatic Controls, Belts and chain drives. Hydrodynamic bearings.


Classical Mechanics
(a) Particle dynamics:
Centre of mass and laboratory coordinates conservation of linear and angular momentum. The rocket equation. Rutherford scattering, Galilean transformation, inertial and non-inertial frames, rotating frames, centrifugal and Coriolis forces, Foucault pendulum.


Probability :
Sample space and events, probability measure and probability space, random variable as a measurable function, distribution function of a random variable, discrete and continuous-type random variable probability mass function, probability density function, vector-valued random variable, marginal and conditional distributions, stochastic independence of events and of random variables


Non-chordata and chordata : (a) Classification and relationship of various phyla upto sub-classes; Acoelomata and Coelomata; Protostomes and Deuterostomes, Bilateralia and Radiata; Status of Protista, Parazoa, Onychophora and Hemichordata; Symmetry.