Combined Geo-Scientists

Combined Geo Scientist recruitment is made by the UPSC for Geological Survey of India, Central Ground Water Board, for the post of Chemist, Scientist – Hydrogeology, Chemical, Geophysics

Errors in quantitative analysis-Separation Methods-Spectroscopic methods of analysis-Thermal methods of analysis

Kinetic theory and the gaseous state-Solids-Chemical thermodynamics and chemical equilibrium-Chemical kinetics and catalysis-Electrochemistry-Quantum chemistry-Basic principles and applications of spectroscopy

Inorganic solids-Chemistry of coordination compounds-Acid base titrations-Gravimetric Analysis

Radiometric and Airborne Geophysics-Marine Geophysics-Geophysical Signal Processing-Remote Sensing and Geohydrology

Potential Field (Gravity and Magnetic) Methods-Electrical and Electromagnetic methods-Seismic Prospecting-Borehole Geophysics

Solid Earth Geophysics-Earthquake Seismology-Mathematical methods in Geophysics-Geophysical Inversion

Occurrence and distribution of groundwater-Water wells and groundwater levels-Groundwater exploration-Groundwater quality and management

Mineralogy-Geochemistry and isotope geology-Igneous petrology-Metamorphic petrology

Combined Geo Scientist exam application Fee – Rs. 200/-

Physical geology and remote sensing-Structural geology-Sedimentology-Paleontology-Stratigraphy

Age Limits 21-32 years-Relaxation-Educational Qualification-M.Sc-

Chemical periodicity-Chemical bonding and structure-Acids and bases-Theoretical basis of quantitative inorganic analysis-Kinetic theory and the gaseous state

Solid Earth Geophysics-Mathematical Methods in Geophysics-Electromagnetism-Geophysical Prospecting-Remote Sensing and Thermodynamics

Chemist, Group A – 15 Vacancies-Hydrogeology-16 Vacancies-Geophysics-06 Vacancies

Physical Geology-Structural Geology
-Mineralogy-Igneous Petrology-Metamorphic Petrology

Current events-History of India-Indian and World Geography-Indian Polity and Governance-Economic and Social Development-General issues on Environmental

All over India 19 Centres-Bhopal, Chennai, Delhi, Dispur,Cuttack…

Download e-Admit Card -three weeks before the commencement of the Examination.

Paper-I : General Studies-100 Marks-Paper-II : Core Subject-300 Marks-Main Exam-600 Marks

CGSE Preliminary Exam Date – 21st February, 2021 Main Exam Date – 17th & 18th July, 2021

Online Applications can be filled up to 27th October, 2020 Application Form containing two stages viz.Part-I and Part-II contact UPSC’s Facilitation Counter Telephone No. 011-23385271

Stage-I : 400 Marks-Stage-II : 600 Marks-Stage-III: 200 Marks

communications to the Commission-Mobile Phones Banned-