Combined Defence Services Examination I – UPSC CDS Exam I 2018 Retiring Gratuity

Combined Defence Services Examination I – UPSC CDS Exam I 2018 Retiring Gratuity

Other Privileges

The officers and their families are entitled to free medical aid, accommodation on concessional rent, group insurance scheme, group housing scheme, family assistance scheme, canteen facilities etc.

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For Candidates joining the Officers Training Academy, Chennai

Before the candidate join the Officers Training Academy Chennai.

He / she will be required to sign a certificate to the effect that he / she fully understands that he / she or his / her legal heirs shall not be entitled to claim any compensation or other relief from the Government in respect of any injury which he / she may sustain in the course of or as a result of the training or where bodily infirmity or death results in the course of or as a result of a surgical operation performed upon or anaesthesia administered to him / her for the treatment of any injury received as aforesaid or otherwise.

His / her parent or guardian will be required to sign a bond to the effect that if for any reason considered within his / her control, the candidate wishes to withdraw before the completion of the course or fails to accept a commission if offered or marries while under training at the Officers’ Training Academy, he / she will be liable to refund the whole or such portion of the cost of tuition, food, clothing and pay & allowances, received as may be decided upon by Government

Candidates finally selected will undergo a course of training at the Officers’ Training Academy, for an approximate period of 49 weeks. Candidates will be enrolled as Gentlemen / Lady Cadets. Gentlemen / Lady Cadets will be dealt with the ordinary disciplinary purposes under the rules and regulations of the Officers’ Training Academy.

While, the cost of training including accommodations, books, uniforms, boarding and medical treatment will be borne by the government, candidates will be expected to meet their pocket expenses themselves. 

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The minimum expenses during the pre commission training are not likely to exceed 200/- per month but if the cadets pursue, any hobbies such as photography, shikar, hiking etc. they may require additional money. In case however, the cadet is unable to meet wholly or partly even the minimum expenditure, financial assistance at rates which are subject to change from time to time, may be given provided the cadet and his / her parent / guardian, have an income below 1500 per month. A candidate desirous of having financial assistance should immediately after being finally selected for training submit an application on the prescribed form through the District Magistrate of his / her district who will forward the application to the Commandant, Officers’ Training Academy, Chennai along with his / her Verification report.

Candidates finally selected for UPSC Combined Defence Services I training, at the Officers’ Training Academy, will be required to deposit the following amount with the Commandant on arrival :

a) Pocket allowance for three month @ Rupee1000 per monthRupee3000/-
b) For items of clothing and equipmentRupee5000/-
c) Group Insurance Coverage for 02 months ( AGIF )Rupee2000/-

Out of the amount mentioned above the amount mentioned in (b) above is refundable to the Cadets in the event of financial assistance being sanctioned to them.

Outfit allowance will be admissible under order as may be issued from time to time. On being granted a commission, articles of clothing and necessaries purchased from this allowance shall become the personal property of the cadet. Such articles, will however be withdrawn from a cadet who resigns while under training or who is removed or withdrawn prior to commissioning. The article withdrawn will be disposed of to the best advantage of the State. 

No candidate will normally be permitted to resign whilst under training. However, Gentlemen / Lady Cadets resigning after the commencement of training may be allowed to proceed home pending acceptance of their resignation by Army HQ. Cost of training, messing and allied services will be recovered from them before their departure. They and their parents / guardians will be required to execute a bond to this effect before the candidates are allowed to join Officers’ Training Academy. 

On joining OTA, candidates will not be permitted to appear for any examination / interview, for any other type of commission / entry in the Army, Navy and Air Force or any other employment without resigning from the Academy and paying the cost of training. However, no cost of training including messing charges will be recovered from these Gentlemen Cadets, who may resign from the Officers Training Academy, Chennai to undergo pre-commission training at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun or corresponding cadet training establishment in Navy and Air Force, if so selected.

A Gentleman / Lady Cadet who is not considered suitable to complete the full course of training may, with permission of Government, be discharged after paying 45 cost of training laid down by the Government of India.An Army candidate under these circumstances will be reverted to his Regiment or Corps.

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Selected candidates will be enrolled as Gentleman / Lady Cadets and will undergo a course of training at the Officers’ Academy for an approximate period of 49 Weeks. On successful completion of training Gentleman / Lady Cadets are granted Short Service Commission in the rank of Lt. From the date of successful completion of training. University of Madras will award “Post Graduate Diploma in Defence Management and Strategic Studies” to all cadets who successfully complete Precommissioning training at Officers Training Academy, Chennai.

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Combined Defence Services Examination I – UPSC CDS Exam I 2018 Retiring Gratuity


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