Sainik Academy – Acedemic Details

Sainik Academy – Academic Details

“Education is an all round drawing out of the best in child and man-body and spirit” Mahatma Gandhi

Training : The day starts with a Beagle call followed by :

1. PT / Drill
2. Morning Assembly
3. Academic Classes
4. Games
5. Preparation / Extra curricular activities.

Every day begins with Physical Training Squad Drill is once a week. These two organized activities under experienced instructors develop loco motor functions, endurance physical growth, improve turnout and bearing and inculcate a sense of discipline and obedience.

Obstacles are a part of life. Obstacles in the physical dimension train the young to develop problem solving skills and sense of fearlessness.

Faculty :

For Military Training :

1. Ex-Defence Officers
2. JCOS,
3. Army Trained Drill / Physical Training Instructors

Academics :

Well Qualified Instructors impart academic education. Special attention is paid to enhance the academic standard of the cadets. Modern techniques of teaching are used by the dedicated and learned members of the teaching staff. To assess the performance of the cadet monthly tests are held at the end of every month. Progress reports of the students are sent to the parents at the end of the examinations. Apart from the academic aspect cadets are subjected to the obligations inherent in community living. Good manner and discipline form the integral part of the academic training in this academy.

Medical Cover :

Child Specialist is the chairman of the academy hence he has made adequate arrangements for regular medical examination of the children. In case a child falls sick, the child will be admitted in the children hospital run by the chairman. The parent will be informed of any serious illness immediately.

A health card will be maintained by the Academy office, in which all the medical record of the cadet , regarding, height, weight and eye check up, dental check up will be maintained. In case of any series illness the parent will be informed immediately. In case any medication is to be given to the cadet, you are requested to inform us in advance. However, we assure you that due care will be taken by our medical expert.

Houses :

Since the sainik Academy is a residential school, cadets live in the houses. Each house is under the charge of a House Master / house matron. ( a teacher) with attached tutors and hostel superintendent.

House master selects the students for House appointments as House Captains, Senior and Junior prefects. These house appointments help in smooth running of the house administration.

The Academy has three houses namely,

Army HouseRed Colour
Air Force HouseGreen Colour
Naval HouseBlue Colour

The cadets (Students are called as cadets) will represent their houses in all competitions. There will be a House matron to look after the children. The intense but friendly inter- house competition in the playing fields as well as in other extra curricular activities for obtaining top honour for their teams, builds team sprit and sprit-de corps.

Mess : The Children will be given whole sum nutritious food; the menu will be approved by the child specialist. All Children will be taught basic mess etiquette

Extra Curricular Activities :

The children will be made to take part in a number of activities, which help them bring out their best. The children are taught to handle computers from class V so that they get used to making use of various computer aided educational CDs. Twice a week in the afternoons hobby clubs function.

This forms an important feature of building the child’s interest in activities such as drawing, playing musical instruments, crafts, journalism. We have a small garden where the child learns about caring for the environment (ECO Camps Organised once in a year) Shooting, trekking for the adventure lovers. Recreational excursions to places of interest during the mid term breaks help them relax and unwind. Visit to defence Units helps them to consolidate their efforts to get into the defence force after they pass out of the school.

Games : The Children will be made to play games, for 1 hour for 5 days a week. Inter house competitions will be organized in order to build the competitive sprit in the cadets.

Indoor games such as Chess, Carom board video games will be organized on Saturdays / Sundays.

The Children will be taken for Swimming during summer tie up for the same will be made only for those students who have opted for the same. Extra fees for the same will be charged from parents.

The Abacus training is mandatory for this develops the right brain of the child.

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Sainik Academy – Acedemic Details


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