Tripura PSC Civil & Police Service Grade II Exam – TCS & TPS Grade II Exam Scheme 2014

Tripura PSC Civil & Police Service Grade II Exam – TCS & TPS Grade II Exam Scheme 2014TCS TPS Examination

Rules and Details of the Examination for Tripura Civil Service Grade-II and Tripura Police Service Grade-II

(1) The Examination will be held in three successive stages namely :

  1. Preliminary Examination ( Objective type )
  2. Main Examination ( Conventional type-written ) and
  3. Personality Test.

A number of candidates, maximum 10 ( ten ) times of total posts ( category wise ) will be selected merit wise on the basis of the result of the Preliminary Examination, subject to securing minimum qualifying marks as fixed by the Commission. These selected candidates will be allowed to appear in the Main Examination. The selected candidates on the basis of the results of the Main Examination will be allowed to appear in the Personality Test. The Preliminary Examination, Main Examination and Personality Test will carry 200 marks, 800 marks and 100 marks respectively.

(i) Scheme of the Preliminary Examination : The Preliminary Examination will consist of only one paper viz. a paper on “General Studies”. The paper will be of an Objective Type consisting of 200 Multiple-Choice Question. The paper will carry 200 marks and will be of Two and half ( 2½ ) hours duration. The standard of the paper will be of the level of knowledge as expected of a graduate of any faculty of the recognized University. The paper will include questions covering the following field of knowledge :

S. No.PaperMarks
English Composition30 marks
(ii)General Knowledge & Current Events of Local, National & International Importance.30 marks
(iii)History of Modern India and Indian National Movement for the period 1857 to 1947.20 marks
(iv)Geography of India20 marks
(v)Geography, History & Culture of Tripura15 marks
(vi)Indian Polity and Economy25 marks
(vii)General Science and Environment25 marks
(viii)General Mental Ability20 marks
(ix)Numerical Ability15 marks

(ii) Purpose of Preliminary Examination : The Preliminary Examination is meant to serve as a screening test only for the purpose of selection of candidates for the Main Examination. The marks obtained in this examination by the candidates will not be considered for final selection. Only those candidates who will be declared qualified at the Preliminary Examination will be eligible for admission to the TCS and TPS Main Examination.

(i) Syllabi for Preliminary Examination :

English Composition : Question on English Composition will cover Synonyms, Antonyms, use of common Phrase & Idioms., use of appropriate Prepositions and Articles, Comprehension, Ordering of words in a sentence, Ordering of sentences, spotting of errors, use of appropriate and qualifying words etc.

History of Modern India & Indian National Movement for the period 1857 to 1947 : In History, emphasis will be on broad general understanding of the subject in its Social, Economic and Political aspects. Questions on the Indian National Movement will relate to the nature and character of the Nineteenth Century resurgence, growth of Nationalism and attainment of Independence.

Geography of India : Question on Geography of India will relate to Physical, Social & Economic Geography of the country including the main features of Indian Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Geography, History & Culture of Tripura : In Geography of Tripura, emphasis will be on its natural resources with special reference to its soil, forest, water and power. The period from 1857 to 1949 will be considered for setting question on History of Tripura. There will be questions on different Tribes, Languages, Customs, Festivals, Important Historical sites etc.

Indian Polity and Economy : Indian Polity and Economy will test the knowledge of the candidates in Country’s Political system and Constitution of India, Panchayatee Raj, Community development, Economic development during Plan periods.

General Science and Environment : Questions on General Science and Environment will cover general appreciation and understanding of science and environment including matters of everyday observation and experience along with general awareness of Information & Communication Technology as may be expected of a well educated person who has not made a special study of any particular scientific discipline.

General Mental Ability : On General Mental Ability questions will be set on logical perception, understanding, natural conclusion etc.

Numerical Ability : Questions on Numerical Ability will be similar to that the Compulsory Mathematics paper at the Madhyamik Examination of Tripura Board of Secondary Education.

(2) Scheme for Main Examination :

The Papers / Subject, Subject Code / paper Code, Full Marks and the time allowed are specified in the table below :

Compulsory Paper :

Sl No.Subjects / PapersSubjects / Papers CodeFull marksTime allowed
1.English Essay & Precis writing-1003 hours
2.English Composition-1003 hours
3.Bengali Composition and Translation Or Alternative EnglishBCAT / ALTE1003 hours
4.General Knowledge & Current Affairs-1002 hours
5.The Constitution of India and the Five Years Plan-1003 hours

Optional Paper

Candidates are required to take up 3 ( three ) papers from the following :

Sl. No.
Subjects / PapersSubjects / Papers CodeFull marksTime allowed
Bengali Paper IBNG-I1003 hours
2.Bengali Paper IIBNG-II1003 hours
3.English Paper IENG-I1003 hours
4.English Paper IIENG-II1003 hours
5.Sanskrit Paper ISAN-I1003 hours
6.Sanskrit Paper IISAN-II1003 hours
7.Political Science IPLS-I1003 hours
8.Political Science-IIPLS-II1003 hours
9.Economics Paper IECO-I1003 hours
10.Economics paper IIECO-II1003 hours
11.Philosophy Paper IPHI-I1003 hours
12.Philosophy Paper IIPHI-II1003 hours
13.History Paper IHIS-I1003 hours
14.History Paper IIHIS-II1003 hours
15.Education Paper IEDC-I1003 hours
16.Education Paper IIEDC-II1003 hours
17.Commerce Paper ICOM-I1003 hours
18.Commerce Paper-IICOM-II1003 hours
19.Mathematics Paper IMTM-I1003 hours
20.Mathematics Paper IIMTM-II1003 hours
21. Physics Paper IPHS-I 1003 hours
22.Physics Paper IIPHS-II1003 hours
23.Chemistry Paper ICEM-I1003 hours
24.Chemistry Paper IICEM-II1003 hours
25.Botany Paper IBOT-I1003 hours
26.Botany Paper IIBOT-II1003 hours
27.Zoology Paper IZOO-I1003 hours
28.Zoology Paper IIZOO-II1003 hours
29.Physiology Paper IPHY-I1003 hours
30.Physiology Paper IIPHY-II1003 hours
31.Psychology Paper IPSY-I1003 hours
32.Psychology Paper IIPSY-II1003 hours
33.Statistics paper ISTS-I1003 hours
34.Statistics Paper IISTS-II1003 hours
35.Geography Paper IGEO-I1003 hours
36.Geography Paper IIGEO-II1003 hours
37.Agriculture Paper IAGR-I1003 hours
38.Agriculture Paper IIAGR-II1003 hours
39.Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science Paper IAHV-I1003 hours
40.Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science Paper IIAHV-II1003 hours
41.Civil Engineering Paper ICVL-I1003 hours
42.Civil Engineering Paper IICVL-II1003 hours
43.Mech. Engineering Paper IMEC-I1003 hours
44.Mech. Engineering Paper IIMEC-II1003 hours
45.Electrical Engineering Paper IELC-I1003 hours
46.Electrical Engineering Paper IIELC-II1003 hours
47.Law Paper ILAW-I1003 hours
48.Law Paper ILAW-II1003 hours
49.Sociology Paper ISOC-I1003 hours
50.Sociology Paper IISOC-II1003 hours

(3 ) The candidate shall select 3 ( three ) optional papers from among the list of optional papers, the names of 3 ( three ) optional papers as chosen by the candidate. It shall be clearly written in the Application. In no circumstances optional papers can be changed after submission of the Application. The candidate shall indicate in the application Paper-I or Paper-II against the optional papers chosen by them.

(4) Pattern of Question : The question may be set in Objective type / Short answer type / Essay type. For all optional subjects / papers, the question papers will be set carrying all groups / parts and each question paper will be of the following pattern containing 3 ( three ) sections :

SectionNo. of QuestionMarks for each questionTotal marks of each sectionFull marks
A20 ( MCQ type )120100

(5) Standard of Compulsory Papers : The standard of all compulsory papers will be of the level of learning expected from a Graduate of any recognized University.

(6) Standard of Optional Papers : The standard of Optional papers will be approximately that of Degree ( Honours ) Examination of an Indian University.

(7) Language Allowed in Answering Question :

  1. The question in Compulsory papers at serial 1 to 3 shall be answered in the languages concerned.
  2. The question in Compulsory papers at serial 4 & 5 may be answered either in English or in Bengali but in no other languages.
  3. The question in Optional papers other than language papers ( i.e English, Bengali and Sanskrit ) may be answered either in English on in Bengali but in no other languages.
  4. The questions of language papers in English, Bengali are to be answered in the languages concerned. In answering the Sanskrit Languages papers, Bengali or English or Devnagarik script may be used and questions may be answered in English on in Bengali or in Sanskrit unless otherwise specified in the Regulations or the question. The Candidates are allowed to write their answers to all the questions in only one language i.e. either in English or Bengali in any particular paper unless otherwise as specifically mentioned in this Regulation or in the question.

(8) Minimum Qualifying Marks : The Commission at its discretion may fix the minimum qualifying marks in any or all of the Written papers and in the aggregate. If a candidate fails to secure qualifying marks in any paper, Compulsory or Optional, so fixed the marks in that paper will not be considered in calculating the aggregate.

(9) Selection of candidates for Personality Test : The candidates selected in order of merit on the results of the writing Examination shall be called by the Commission for personality Test.

(10) Credit : In all the answer paper under examination, due credit shall be given for proper economy of works combined with clarify precision and effectiveness of expression and originalities of approach.

(11) Personality Test :

  1. The Test shall be to assess the personal qualities of the candidate’s e.g. intellectual ability, social taints, interest in current affairs, critical power of judgement, variety and depth of interest, ability for leadership, and moral integrity.
  2. In no case a candidate will be called for Personality Test unless he / she appears in all the papers of the Examination compulsory papers and Optional papers offered.

(12) Final Selection : The final selection will be made in order of merit on the basis of the marks obtained by a candidate in aggregate adding the marks obtained in the Written Examination and the Personality Test. If a candidate remains absent in Personality Test his / her candidature will not be considered for final selection.

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Tripura PSC Civil & Police Service Grade II Exam – TCS & TPS Grade II Exam Scheme 2014


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