Tripura PSC Civil Engineering Syllabus 2016

Tripura PSC Civil Engineering Syllabus 2016 - TPSC Recruitment 2016 | TPSC Mechanical Engineering Syllabus 2016 | TPSC Electrical Engineering Syllabus 2016

TPSC 2016 Syllabus for Civil Engineering

TPSC Degree Holder Syllabus

Tripura PSC Civil Engineering Syllabus ( Paper–I )

Total Marks – 200

Duration of Examination – 3 Hours

1. Building Materials

Timber : Different types and species of structural timber, density-moisture relationship, strength in different directions, defects, influence of defects on permissible stress, preservation, dry and wet rots, codal provisions for design, Plywood.

Bricks : Types, Indian Standard classification, absorption, saturation factor, strength in masonry, influence of mortar strength on masonry strength.

Cement : Compounds of, different types, setting times, strength.

Cement Mortar : Ingredients, proportions, water demand, mortars for plastering and masonry.

Concrete : Importance of W/C Ratio, Strength, ingredients including admixtures, workability, testing for strength, elasticity, non-destructive testing, mix design methods.

2. Solid Mechanics

Elastic constants, stress, plane stress, Mohr’s circle of stress, strains, plane strain, Mohr’s circle of strain, combined stress; Elastic theories of failure; Simple bending, shear; Torsion of circular and rectangular sections and simple members.

3. Design of Steel Structures

Principles of working stress method. Design of connections, simple members, Built-up sections and frames, Design of Industrial roofs. Principles of ultimate load design.

4. Design of Concrete and Masonry Structures

Limit state design for bending, shear, axial compression and combined forces. Codal provisions for slabs, beams, walls and footings. Working stress method of design of R.C. members. Principles of prestressed concrete design, materials, methods of prestressing, losses. Design of simple members and determinate structures.

5. Construction Practices, Planning and Management

Concreting Equipment : Weight Batcher, Mixer, vibrator, batching plant, concrete pump. Cranes, hoists, lifting equipment. Earthwork Equipment: Power shovel, hoe, dozer, dumper, trailers and tractor, rollers, sheep foot rollers, pumps. Construction, Planning and Management:Bar chart, linked bar chart, workbreak down structures, Activity – on – arrow diagrams. Critical path, probabilistic activity durations; Event-based networks.

Tripura PSC Civil Engineering Syllabus ( Paper–II )


  1. Fluid Mechanics, Open Channel Flow, Pipe Flow : Fluid Properties, Pressure, Thrust, Buoyancy; Flow Kinematics; Integration of flow equations; Flow measurement; Relative motion; Moment of momentum; Viscosity, Boundary layer and Control, Drag, Lift; dimensional Analysis, Modeling; Cavitation; Flow oscillations; Momentum and Energy principles in Open channel flow, Flow controls, Hydraulic jump, Flow sections and properties; Normal flow, Gradually varied flow; Surges; Flow development and losses in pipe flows, Measurements; Siphons; Surges and Water hammer.
  2. Hydraulic Machines and Hydropower : Centrifugal pumps, types, performance parameters, scaling, pumps in parallel; Reciprocating pumps, air vessels, performance parameters; Hydraulic ram; Hydraulic turbines, types, performance parameters, controls, choice; Power house, classification and layout, storage, pondage, control of supply.


  1. Hydrology : Hydrological cycle, precipitation and related data analyses, PMP, unit and synthetic hydrographs; Evaporation and transpiration; Floods and their management, PMF; Streams and their gauging.
  2. Water Resources Engineering : Multipurpose uses of Water: Soil-Plant-Water relationships, irrigation systems, water demand assessment; Storages and their yields, ground water yield and well hydraulics; Water logging, drainage design; Irrigation revenue.

3. Environmental Engineering

  1. Water Supply Engineering : Sources of supply, yields, design of intakes and conductors; Estimation of demand; Water quality standards; Control of Water-borne diseases; Primary and secondary treatment, detailing and maintenance of treatment units; Conveyance and distribution systems of treated water, leakages and control; Rural water supply; Institutional and industrial water supply.
  2. Waste Water Engineering : Urban rain water disposal; Systems of sewage collection and disposal; Design of sewers and sewerage systems; pumping; Characteristics of sewage and its treatment, Disposal of products of sewage treatment, stream flow. Plumbing Systems, Rural and semi-urban sanitation.
  3. Solid Waste Management : Sources, classification, collection and disposal; Design and Management of landfills.


  1. Soil Mechanics : Properties of soils, classification and interrelationship; Compaction behaviour, methods of compaction and their choice; Permeability and seepage, flow nets, Inverted filters; Compressibility and consolidation; Shearing resistance, stresses and failure; soil testing in laboratory and in-situ; Stress path and applications; Earth pressure theories, stress distribution in soil; soil exploration, samplers, load tests, penetration tests.
  2. Foundation Engineering : Types of foundations, Selection criteria, bearing capacity, settlement, laboratory and field tests; Types of piles and their design and layout, Foundations on expansive soils, swelling and its prevention, foundation on swelling soils.


  1. Surveying : Classification of surveys, scales, accuracy; Measurement of distances – direct and indirect methods; optical and electronic devices; Measurement of directions, prismatic compass, local attraction; Theodolites – types; Measurement of elevations – Spirit and trigonometric leveling; Relief representation; Contours; Digital elevation modelling concept; Establishment of control by triangulations and traversing – measurements and adjustment of observations, computation of coordinates; Field astronomy, Concept of global positioning system.
  2. Transportation Engineering : Planning of highway systems, alignment and geometric design, horizontal and vertical curves, grade separation; Materials and construction methods for different surfaces and maintenance: Principles of pavement design; Drainage.


TPSC Diploma Holder Syllabus

Tripura PSC Civil Engineering Syllabus ( Paper–I )

Total Marks – 200
Duration of Examination – 3 Hours

1. Building Materials & Construction :

  1. Bricks and Tile
  2. Stones, Sand
  3. Cement
  4. Mortar
  5. Concrete
  6. Timber
  7. Metals and Other Engineering Materials
  8. Paints and Varnishes
  9. Building Construction
  10. Construction Planning and Storage of Material
  11. Foundation
  12. Bricks and Stone Masonry
  13. Damp Proofing
  14. Lintel and Arches
  15. Roofs and Roof Coverings
  16. Doors and Windows
  17. Scaffolding
  18. Stair and Staircases
  19. Flooring
  20. Wall Finish

2. Strength of Materials & Theory of Structure :

  1. Strength of Materials
  2. Bending Moment & Share Force in Beams
  3. Bending Stress in Beams
  4. Shearing Stresses in Beams
  5. Columns & Struts
  6. Combined Bending & Direct Stress
  7. Compound & Complex Stress
  8. Strain Energy & Impact Loading

Theory of Structures :

  1. Definitions & General Principles
  2. Primary Stress Analysis for Statically Determinate Pin Jointed Structures
  3. Fixed & Continuous Beams, Propped Cantilever
  4. Moment Distribution Method
  5. Retaining Walls ( Earth Retaining Structures )

3. Foundation Engineering :

  1. General Considerations for Design of Foundations
  2. Types of Foundation
  3. Bearing Capacity of Soils
  4. Settlement of Foundation
  5. Pile Foundation
  6. Soil Stabilisation
  7. Soil Exploration
  8. Stress Distribution in Soils
  9. Earth Pressure

4. Concrete Technology :

  1. Materials for Cement Concrete
  2. Preparation of Concrete
  3. Concrete Mix Design
  4. Quality Control
  5. Special Concrete
  6. Deterioration and Restoration of Concrete

5. Quantity Surveying :

  1. Definition of an Estimate and Types
  2. Symmetrical & Unsymmetrical Boundary Wall ( Using Modular & Traditional Bricks )
  3. Centre Line, Long Wall & Short Wall Method with Example
  4. Definition of Floor Area, Carpet Area, Plinth Area, Far
  5. Estimate of Different Items of Works Involved in a Single Storey Residential Building
  6. Estimate of R.C.C. Beams, Chujia, Lintel And Slab ( One Way & Two Way Reinforcement ) Showing Bar Bending Schedule )
  7. Calculation of Quantity of Materials of Different Items of Works
  8. Calculation of Volume of Earth Work of Different Works
  9. Quantity & Cost Estimate
  10. Contracts
  11. Pwd Accounts
  12. Arbitration
  13. Valuation

Tripura PSC Civil Engineering Syllabus ( Paper–II )

1. Hydraulics :

  1. Introduction
  2. Fluid Static
  3. Fluid Flow
  4. Fluid Measurement
  5. Flow Through Pipes
  6. Open Channel Flow

2. Irrigation :

  1. Hydrology
  2. Water Requirement Of Crops
  3. Canal Irrigation
  4. Well Irrigation
  5. Canal Head Works
  6. Flood Control
  7. Water Logging
  8. Land Reclamation
  9. Major Irrigation Projects In India

3. Environmental Engineering :

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Air Pollution Control Measures & Equipment
  3. Methods & Approach of Air Pollution Control
  4. Different Sources of Water Pollution
  5. Water Pollution & Its Control
  6. Solid Waste Disposal

4. Surveying :

  1. Linear Measurements
  2. Chain Surveying
  3. Compass Surveying
  4. Levelling
  5. Contouring
  6. Theodolite Surveying
  7. Earth Work Calculation
  8. Plane Table Surveying
  9. Computation of Areas
  10. Computation of Volume

5. Transportation Engineering :

  1. Projects & Profiles
  2. Permanent way
  3. Track Geometrics
  4. Points & Crossings
  5. Stations & Yards
  6. Permanent way Maintenance
  7. Road Drainage
  8. Traffic Engineering
  9. Highway Maintenance


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Tripura PSC Civil Engineering Syllabus 2016


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