TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries Recruitment 2016 Syllabus

TNPSC Recruitment for Sub Inspector of Fisheries, Foreman 2016 | TNPSC Sub Inspector Examination Scheme 2016 | TNPSC Sub Inspector Application Form 2016

TNPSC Recruitment 2016 Syllabus for Sub Inspector of Fisheries

TNPSC Recruitment 2016 for Paper I

Tamilnadu PSC Syllabus for Zoology
Degree Standard


Non-Chordata : General organisation-Classificaiton with diagnositc features upto classes.
Protozoa : Structure, reproduction and life history of Amoeba Paramecium, Trypanosoma, Plasmodium, Monocystis, Leishmania – locomotion, nutrition, economic importance.
Porifera : Sponges canai system, skeleton, reproduction and economic importance.
Coelenterata : Diploblastic organization-life history of obelia and Aurelia, Metagenesis-Polymorphism in Hydrozoa Corals and Croal formation-relationships of Chidaria and Acnidaria.
Helminthes : Structure and life history of Planarai, Fasciola, Teania, Ascaris and Wucheraria-parasitic adaptations-Helminths in relation to man.
Annelida : Neries, earthworm and leech-Coelom and metamerism-modes of life in polychactes.
Onychophora : Structure, affinities and distribution of Peripatus.
Arthropoda : Prawn, Scropion and Cockroach-Larval forms and parasitism in Crustacea-Mouth parts, vision, respiration and excretion Metamosphosis and social life in insets.
Mollusca : Freshwater mussel, pila, sepia-oyster culture and pearl formation.
Echinodermata : General organisation-Water vascular system Larval forms and affinites.


Prochordata : Amphioxuz, Palanoglossus-Ascidian retrogressive Metamorphosis, neoteny and affinities.
Chordata : Genreral Organisation-Charaters, Outline classification Upto class level.
Pisces : Locomotion, migration, respiration, economic importance strcture and affinites of dipnoi.
Amphibia : Origin of Amphibians-Parental care-South Indian amphibians.
Reptiles : Origin-Conquest of land-adaptations to live on land adaptive radiation-Temporal Vacuties – identification of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes-poison apparatus-south Indian examples.
Birids : Origin-fight adaptations-mechanism of flight-double respiration-migration-Flightless birds, their structure and distribution.
Mammals : Dentition, skin derivatives-distribution-adaptive radiation-Protothria and Metatheria, their Phylogenetic relation ship-South Indian examples.


Cell and Molecular Biology : Cellular Organelles-Structure and function-Plasma membrane, mitochondria, golgi bodies, endoplasmic reticulum and riboscomes-Nucloelus and nucleus-Chlorosplast-Cell division (Mitosis & meiosis)-Chromosomes-DNA structure and function, replication of DNA, Geneticcode-RNA and protein synthesis. Gene expression-Recombinant DNA, Genetic cloning-Genetic engineering, its uses in agriculture, biology and medicine-Sex chromosomes and sex determination.


Genetics : Laws of inheritance – Linkage, principle of gene mapping multiple alleles, blood groups-mutation (Natural and induced) Sex Linked and Sex Limited inheritance-Chromosome number and form ploidy-cytoplasmic inheritance-Karyotypes-Normal and abnormal genetic disorder-Biochemical genetics-regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes and Eukaryotes-population genetics-Eugenics. Mean, Median and standard deviation.


Bio Chemistry : Structure of carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins lipids-Glycolysis and kre’bs cycle-oxidation, reduction-oxidative phosphorylation-energy conservation and relase, cyclic AMP, ATP enzymes-mechanism Hormones, their classification biosynthesis and function.

Physiology : With reference to mammals, digestion, nutrition, balanced diet in man-assimilation, intermediary/metabolism. Composition of blood-Coagulation, Transport of oxygen, Carbondioxide, Blood pigments, Mechanism of respiration, Muscles, mechanisum of muscle contration, Temperature regulation, Acid base balance and homestasis, Nerve impluses and conduction, neurotransmitters. Receptors, photo, phono and chemopreception. Nephron and urine formation, Endocrine glands, ovary and pituitary organs and their inter relationship, Physiology of reproduction in humans, Normal development in insects and pheromones. Bioluminescence, Biological rhythms, Physiology of immune response Antigens-Immunoglobulins, humoral and cell mediated immUnity. T&B cells, mechanism of antibody formation-AIDS.


Development Biology : Gametogenesis-fertilization-type of eggs-blastulation and gastrulation in Amphioxus, frog and chick morphogenetic movements-organizen potency, organogenesis with reference to hear, eye kideny brain-Formation and fate of extra embryonic membranes in chick. Placenta, types, functions, Regeneration-Aging and senescene-metamorphosis in Frog-Cancerous growth.


Environmental Biology : Biotic and abiotic factors, their role, Intra and interspectic association. Biogeochemical cyles. Ecosystem, concept and componensts-energy flow, food chain, food web, trophic levels. Ecological succession, CommUnity structure-Stratification. Population and Population dynamic-Habitate, ecology, adaptations in marine fress water and terrestrial habitats. Wild life, need for conservation management and methods of conservation. Sanctuaries with special reference to Tamil nadu. Pollution-air, water and land – Perspective policy planning for the environment.


Evolution : Origin of life-Evolutionary thought-Contributions of Lamarck Darwin and De Varies-present status of Darwinism and Lamrkism-modern synthetic concept-Hard Weinber Law-Polymorphism and mimicry in evolution. Specification, species concept-Isolation machanisms and their role, role of hybridization in evolution. Fossils and Fossilitzation Origin and evolution of man-Culture evolution and Biochemical evolution.


Animal distribution : Zoogeographical distribution-Continental and island fauna-Continental drift-Discontinious distribution adaptive radiation. Natural resources and their conservation. Alternative sources of energy.


Economic Zoology : Parasitism and Commensalim-Protozoan Parasites and diseases, helminth parasites and diseases of man and domestic animals-Benefical and destructive insects Insect pests on crops and stored products-Control methods. Sericulture, apiculture, poultry, pisciculture and induced breeding, Sheell fisheries, Acquaculture practices in Tamil Nadu and their impact on the environment and on agriculture.

Tamilnadu PSC Syllabus for Fisheries Science
Degree Standard
Biology and Culture of Finfish and Shellfish


Systematics-Binomial Nomenclature : Classification of elasmebranchs, teleosts, crustaceans, and molluscs; external morphology-morphometrics-meristics and anatomy of finfish and shellfish.


Food and feeding habits-length-weight relationships-age and growth-reproductive strategies-breeding-mstrution and spawning-fecundity and development biology of commercialaly important finfish and shellfish-psysiology-respiration, circulation,digestion, excretion, osmoregulation, endocrine giands and reproduction.


Commercially important fisheries of the world, India and Tamilnadu; population dynamics-growth and mortality parameters and their evalution-objectives and methods of stock assessment, fish production in India and Tamilnadu-conservation-exploitation.


Selection of suitablesites-fish farm construction composite fish culture-ornametal fish cultureintegrated fish farming-sewage-fed fish culture.


Shrimp culture-culture techniques of bivalves-cages and pens-shrimp feed formulation-shrimp batchery and nursey rearing.


Fish genetics-hybridization-finfish and shellfish disease, parasites and remedical measures.


Ornamental fishes-acquarium keeping-feed formulation and feeding techniques-water quality maintenance-breeding techniques.


Physio-chemical characteristics of fresh water bodies-flora and fauna-marine zones-chemistry of seawater-adaptations of intertidal animals,-waves, tides, currents-phytoplankton and zooplankton standing crop and distribution.


Estimation of primary production-aquatic pollution-mangroves, their distribution and uses-food chain in aquatic environment.


Economics of fishing, fish farming and fish marketing-primary and secondary data for statistical analysis for reporting-extension teaching methods and use of audiovisual aids in extension activities.



Traditional crafts-motorisation of traditional crafts-mechanised boats-materials used in the construction of crafts-care and maintenance of vessels.


Types of fishing gears-fishing gear materials-fabrication maintenance and preservation of fishing gears.


Principles of navigation and seamanship-chart reading and fixing positions-regulations of fishing vessels-life saving devices.


Types of diesel engines and their working principles-outboard engines-types and functions-operation and maintenace of various processing equipments.


Freshness of fish and rigor mortis-mechanisms of fish spoilage-fish drying methodsprinciples of salting and salt curing methods-smoking of fishes.


Canning materials-canning media-methods of canning-quality of canned fishedry products.


Fish preservation by chilling and icing-preparation of ice-chemicals used in freezing-types of freezing-thawing.


Microbiological and biochemical changes in freezing-packaging and transport of frozen fishery products-freeze drying.


Fishery byproducts-microbiological criteria for processed seafoods-nutritive values of processed seafoods.


Quality control, factors determining quality, assessment of quality-hygiene, sanitation and standards.

Tamilnadu PSC Syllabus for Fisheries Technology
Diploma Standard

I. Fishery Biology :

Cytology-Invertebrates-Pro-chordates-Chordates-Fish and systemation-external morphology-Anatomy of fish-Physiology of fish-Developmental Biology of fish-Ecology.

II. Inland Fisheries :

Survey of Inland waters-Fish farming-Fish seed resources-Feeding of Fish-Bionomics-Care of the Pond-Disease and control-river and lake Fisheries-Reservoir Fisheries-Pollution in Inland waters.

III. Marine Fisheries :

General Survey of marine Fishery Resources-Trends in other advanced nations-Principal marine Fisheries of Indian Coast-Other Marine Fisheries-Fish Population studies-Fisheries Statistics-Sampling Techniques Under Water Survey of Marine Resources-New Fishing grounds-Mineral Resources in Sea.

IV. Nautical Technology :

Geometry of ship and boat-Rope Works and Rigging-Deck work-Life saving Practices-Sphere Geometry-Sailing and Days work Composses-Navigational Instruments-Colestial sphere-Meteorology.

V. Fish Processing Technology :

Chemistry of Fish-Salting process-Smoking and drying process-Advanced trends in processing Technology-Transportation-Fish Meal and oil-products of Marine algae-Corals of Commerce-Leather products-whale products-Miscellaneous products.

VI. Aquaculture :

Soil Chemistry-Hydro Chemistry-Principles Genetics-Hype Physation-Breeding Technique-Developmental Biology-mariculture-Fresh water culture-Management-Advancement in Aquaculture. Feeds-Feeding methods-disease control.

VII. Oceanography & Meteorology :

Distribution of Land and Water-Ocean Expeditions and Soundings-Bottom deposits-temperature of sea water and measurements-Density of sea water-Tides and waves of the ocean-current and drift systems-Distribution of living organisms in the sea.

VIII. Fishing Gear and Craft :

Classification of fishing gear-important indogenous fishing gear of India-modern fishing gear-Fishing Gear material-preservation of fishing gear and accessories-Physiological conditions of Indian coast-Indogenous fishing craft of Indian coast-Advancement in Craft technology-Construction materials-Boat yard establishment and maintenance.

IX. Fishery Economics :

Introduction of Fishery Economics-Price and Income elasticity-Fishery Industrial Economics-Planning-Co-operatives-Marketing-Export Socio Economic survey-Material management-extension work.

X. Fisheries Resource Management and Administration :

Survey of Fishery resources in Indian waters, Bay of Bangal and Arabian Seas, Conservation, Development towards sustainability, coastal ecosystem and components.

XI. Fishery Engineering :

Fluid Mechanics-Pumps-Loads and Joints-Torsion, Sprint and Springs-Measurement of Power and motion-Fuels-Boilers-Machinery and maintenance-Classification of Engines-Marine Diesel Engines.

XII. Electrical and Electronics Engineering :

Fundamental of Electricity-Electrical Machinery-Wiring and Lighting-Batteries-Measuring Instruments-Principles of Radio Transmission-Acoustics and sound velocity in the sea-Fish finding equipments-Communication Equipments.

Tamilnadu PSC Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering
Degree Standard


Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials : Statics of particle-Resolution of forces-Supports and reactions-Moments of Inertia-Velocity and acceleration of particles-Newton’s secondlaw-Direct stress and Strain-Hook’s Law-Poission Ratio-Bending Moment and Shearing forces-Bending Stresses in Beams-Torsion of shafts.


Thermodynamics : Energy-Work-heat properties-States-Processes energy equation-work and PV diagrams-Laws of thermodynamics (I & II Law)-Thermodynamics cycles (Otto, Diesel and Brayton)-Gas Laws-perfect gas relationships-principle of refrigeration-refrigeration cycles-simple vapour compression system-psychrometric chart-simple air conditioning processes.


Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery : Classification of fluids-fluid properties-Ideal fluid flow-Rotational, irrotational flow-Bernoulli’s equation-flow through pipes-pipes in series and parallel-Laminar and Turbulent flow-concept of Reynold’s number, machnumber-definition and classification of turbo machines equation for energy transfer-Centrifugal fans, blowers and compressors, axial flow fans and compressors-axial turbine stages-hydraulic turbines – Pelton wheel, Francis and Kaplan turbine.


IC Engines and Power Plant Engineering : Engine classification-working of S.I. Engine, C.I. engine, two stroke engine, four stroke engines, engine performances-Indicated power, brake power-specific fuel consumption, thermal efficiency-steam power cycles-Layout and location of steam, diesel, nuclear, hydro-electric and gas turbine power plants-pollution and environmental problems.


Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion : Energy equation for flow process-velocity of sound mach number-effect of mach number on compressibility-Isentropic flow with variable area, Fanno flow and Rayleigh flow-Aircraft propulsion-Jet engines-energy flow-thrust power and propultive efficiency-performances of jet engine and rocket engines-solid and liquid propellant rockets-comparison of various propulsion systems.


Theory of Machines : Kinematics of mechanisms-link pair-inversions of mechanism four bar chain-slider crank mechanisms-motion and inertia-gyroscope-friction-Laws of solid friction-clutches and bearings-Belt, rope, chain drives, toothed gears-gear trains-lubrication and lubricants-flywheel and governors-balancing of rotating masses-critical speed of rotating shafts-mechanical vibration-damping with forced vibrations (Single degree)


Design of Machine Elements with CAD : Design of welded joints-Design of flange coupling-Helical and leaf springs-Design of journal and thrust bearings-Design and selection of flat belts-Design of spur, helical, worm and wolm, wheel and bevel gears-elements of CAD system-Geometric modeling-stress analysis, kinematic analysis and dynamic analysis.


Production and Machining Processes : Metal forming processes-forging, drawing and rolling-Metal casting processes-sand casting, gravity die casting-Metal cutting tools-tool materials and geometry of tools-jig and fixtures-maching tools-lathe, milling, drilling, grinding, processes, finishing processes-honing, lapping, super finishing processes-Gears and gear manufacturing-NC and CNC, FMS-CIM and Robotics.


Metrology and Instrumentation : Elements of measurement systems, range, span, sensitivity, accuracy, precision and repeatability of instrument-errors in measurement system-measurement of pressure, temperature, speed, strain and force (load cells) precision instruments slip gauges, comparators, Interchangability, limit gauges-measurement of surface finish – measurement of screw thread, gear tooth.


Quality Control and Industrial Engineering : Statistical quality control-control charts and acceptance sampling-work study techniques-basic procedure-production planning and control-inventory control-plant layout and material handling-linear programming PERT and CPM.

TNPSC Recruitment 2016 for Paper II

All Technical Examination (S.S.L.C./H.S.C/Diploma Standard)
Main Examination
General Studies (Topics for Objective type)

Unit-I General Science :

Physics Nature of Universe-General Scientific laws-Inventions and discoveries-National scientific laboratories-Mechanics and properties of matter-Physical quantities, standards and units-Force, motion and energy-Magnetism, electricity and electronics-Heat, light and sound

Chemistry-Elements and Compounds-Acids, bases and salts-Fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides

Botany-Main Concepts of life science-Classification of living organism-Nutrition and dietetics-Respiration

Zoology-Blood and blood circulation-Reproductive system-Environment, ecology, health and hygiene‐Human diseases, prevention and remedies-Animals, plants and human life

Unit-II Current Events

History Latest diary of events-national-National symbols-Profile of States-Eminent persons & places in news-Sports & games-Books & authors-Awards & honors’-India and its neighbors

Political Science-Problems in conduct of public elections-Political parties and political system in India-Public awareness & General administration-Welfare oriented government schemes, their utility-

Geography-Geographical landmarks-

Economics : Current socio-economic problems

Science : Latest inventions on science & technology

Unit-III Geography

Earth and Universe-Solar system-Monsoon, rainfall, weather & climate-Water resources-rivers in India-Soil, minerals & natural resources-Forest & wildlife-Agricultural pattern-Transport & communication-Social geography–population-density and distribution-Natural calamities-Disaster Management.

Unit-IV History and culture of India and Tamil Nadu

Indus valley civilization-Guptas, Delhi Sultans, Mughals and Marathas-Age of Vijayanagaram and the bahmanis-South Indian history-Culture and Heritage of Tamil people-India since independence-Characteristics of Indian culture-Unity in diversity–race, colour, language, custom-India-as secular state-Growth of rationalist, Dravidian movement in TN-Political parties and populist schemes

Unit-V Indian Polity

Constitution of India-Preamble to the constitution-Salient features of constitution-Union, state and territory-Citizenship-rights amend duties-Fundamental rights-Fundamental duties-Human rights charter-Union legislature–Parliament-. State executive-. State Legislature–assembly-Local government–panchayat raj–Tamil Nadu-Judiciary in India–Rule of law/Due process of law-. Elections-. Official language and Schedule-VIII‐. Corruption in public life-. Anti-corruption measures–CVC, lok-adalats, Ombudsman, CAG-Right to information-Empowerment of women-Consumer protection forms‐

Unit-VI Indian Economy

Nature of Indian economy-Five-year plan models-an assessment-Land reforms & agriculture-Application of science in agriculture-Industrial growth-Rural welfare oriented programmers-Social sector problems–population, education, health, employment, poverty-Economic trends in Tamil Nadu

Unit-VI Indian National Movement

National renaissance-Emergence of national leaders-Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore-Different modes of agitations-Role of Tamil Nadu in freedom struggle Rajaji, VOC, periyar, Bharathiar & others

Unit­-VII Aptitude & Mental Ability Tests

Conversion of information to data-Collection, compilation and presentation of data-Tables, graphs, diagrams-Parametric representation of data-Analytical interpretation of data-Simplification-Percentage-Highest Common Factor (HCF)-Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)-Ratio and Proportion-Simple interest-Compound interest-Area-Volume-Time and Work-Logical Reasoning-Puzzles-Dice-Visual Reasoning-Alpha numeric Reasoning-Number Series

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TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries Recruitment 2016 Syllabus


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