Odisha Judicial Service OJS Exam Plan 2017 for Civil Judge

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Odisha Judicial Service Exam Selection 2017 :

Direct recruitment to the Cadre of Civil Judges shall be made by the Commission through a competitive examination which shall consist of three parts; viz- preliminary written examination, main written examination and interview in the manner provided in the rules and in accordance with the syllabus.

1. Odisha OJS Preliminary Examination 2017 :

The Odisha OJS preliminary written examination 2017 shall be of one paper carrying 100 marks with duration of one and half hours with objective type questions of multiple choice (i.e. 100 questions of one mark each with negative marks of twenty-five percent of the marks allotted to a question for every wrong answer) on the following subjects and the OMR answer sheets will be scrutinized by computer.

  1. Constitution of India;
  2. Code of Civil Procedure;
  3. Code of Criminal Procedure;
  4. Evidence Act;
  5. Indian Penal Code;
  6. Limitation Act;
  7. Transfer of Property Act;
  8. Contract Act;
  9. Law of Succession ( Indian Succession Act and Hindu Succession Act );
  10. Specific Relief Act.

N.B. : The Odisha Public Service Commission shall call the eligible candidates for main written examination who have secured not less than 35 (thirty-five) per-centum of marks-in case of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe candidates and 40 (forty) per-centum of marks in case of others in the preliminary written examination 2017.

2. Odisha OJS Main Examination 2017 :

The main written examination for Odisha Judicial Service 2017 shall be on the following two compulsory papers and three optional papers. Each of the compulsory subjects shall carry 150 marks with a duration of 2½ (two and half) hours and each of the optional subjects shall carry 150 marks with a duration of three hours.

1. OJS Main Examination Compulsory Papers :

Paper – 1

General English

  1. Translation and Re-translation of ten lines each
  2. A short Essay of about 150 words
  3. Precis writing consisting of 300 words
  4. 1 passage of about 500 words with 5 questions
    Total : 150 Marks
    N.B. : For “Translation and re-translation of ten lines each”, there will be two passages, i.e. one in English to be translated into Odia and another in Odia to be re-translated into English.

Paper – 2

Procedural Laws

  1. The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973
  2. The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
  3. The Indian Evidence Act, 1872
    Total : 150 Marks

2. OJS Main Examination Optional Papers :

A candidate may choose any of the three subjects :

(1) Law of Crime & Law of Torts : 150 Marks

(2) Personal Law :

  1. Hindu Law
  2. Mohammedan Law
    Total : 150 Marks

(3) Law of Property :

  1. Transfer of property Act, 1882
  2. Specific Relief Act, 1963.
  3. Indian Limitation Act, 1963
    Total : 150 Marks

(4) Law of Contract :

  1. Indian Contract Act, 1872.
  2. Sales of Goods Act, 1930
  3. Partnership Act, 1932.
  4. Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881
    Total : 150 Marks

(5) Jurisprudence and Constitution of India : 150 Marks

Note :

  1. A candidate shall answer the papers in English unless otherwise directed.
  2. The standard of papers shall be that of LL.B. course and in respect of compulsory Paper-I, it shall be that of a degree course.
  3. The Odisha Public Service Commission shall call the candidates for interview who have secured not less than 45 (forty five) per-centum of marks in aggregate and a minimum of 33 (thirty three) per-centum of marks in each paper in the main written examination.

The optional subjects for Odisha OJS main written examination 2017 :
Name of Optional Subject

  1. Jurisprudence and Constitution of India.
  2. Law of Crime & Law of Torts.
  3. Law of Contract.
  4. Law of Property.
  5. Personal Law.

(a) The candidates are required to select any three Optional Subjects from the dropdown box of the online application form submitted for the preliminary written examination, failing which his/her application will be rejected. No correspondence on that score will be entertained.

(b) The optional subjects for the main written examination, mentioned by the candidate in the online application form, will be treated as final. No request for change of Optional Subject(s) will be entertained.

(c) The candidates shall be allowed to appear at the main written examination with the optional subjects as mentioned in the online application form.

3. Odisha Judicial Service for Civil Judge Interview 2017 :

Interview shall carry 100 (one hundred) marks. Questions to be asked in the interview may not ordinarily be outside the syllabus prescribed for the main written examination. In the interview, questions covering broad national and international issues and matters of common interest in the field of Arts and Science may also be asked.

Provided that the names of the candidates shall not be included in the merit list unless such candidates secure a minimum of 40% (forty per-centum) of marks in the Interview.

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Odisha Judicial Service OJS Exam Plan 2017 for Civil Judge


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