Mizoram PSC Recruitment 2016 for Junior Engineer

Mizoram PSC Junior Engineer Recruitment

Mizoram PSC Recruitment 2016 for Junior Engineer

Mizoram Public Service Commission invites applications for the recruitment of Junior Engineer Posts on contract basis in Public Health Engineering Department. Application forms are available in the office of Mizoram Public Service Commission, New Secretariat Complex, Aizawl and the Offices of Deputy Commissioners Lunglei. Eligible candidates can send their applications on or before 20.06.2016 from 10:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M.

Name of the Post : Junior Engineer ( Contract ).

No. of Post : 1 ( One ).

Department : Rural Development Department.

Mizoram PSC Junior Engineer Pay Scale 2016 : Rupee14920 + 20% D.A. P.M. ( fixed )

Mizoram PSC Junior Engineer Essential Qualifications 2016 :

  1. Diploma in Civil / Electronics / Mechanical / Electrical Engineer / Computer Science from recognised institution. Preference may be given to holder of Degree / Diploma in Civil Engineering.
  2. Working knowledge of Mizo Language at least Middle School standard.

Age Limit for Mizoram PSC Junior Engineer 2016 : He / She must have attained the age of 18 years but must not have exceeded the age of 35 years on the last date for submission of application ( 20.06.2016 ). Provided that the upper age limit may be relaxable upto a maximum of 5 years in respect of candidates belonging to the Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe.

Mizoram PSC Junior Engineer Application Fee 2016 : Rupee320/- ( or Rupee270/- for SC / ST applicants ) should be paid by cash at the Reception Counter of Mizoram Public Service Commission Office or by depositing into the treasury under the Head – 0051 – PSC, 102 – State PSC ( Examination Fee. etc ) or by uncrossed Indian Postal Order ( IPO ) drawn in favour of Secretary, Mizoram Public Service Commission. Certified copies of certificate and marksheet of academic record from HSLC and above and Tribal / Caste Certificate ( for SC / ST only ) should be submitted along with application form.


Mizoram PSC Junior Engineer Civil Syllabus

Syllabus for Competitive Examination for the post of Junior Engineer ( Civil ) ( Contract ) under Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Mizoram, 2016


(a) General English ( Conventional / Objective Type ) – 100 Marks
(b) Technical Paper – I ( MCQ / Objective Type ) – 150 Marks
(c) Technical Paper – II ( MCQ / Objective Type ) – 150 Marks

General English

( Full Marks : 100 )

a. Essay Writing ( Conventional ) – 20 Marks
b. Idioms & Phrases ( Objective Type ) – 16 Marks
c. Comprehension of given passages ( Objective Type ) – 16 Marks
d. Grammar ( Objective Type ) – 16 Marks
Parts of Speech : Nouns, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, etc.
e. Composition ( Objective Type ) – 16 Marks

  1. Analysis of complex and compound sentences
  2. Transformation of sentences
  3. Synthesis of sentences

f. Correct usage and vocabularies ( Objective Type ) – 16 Marks.

Syllabus for Junior Engineer ( Contract ) Examination under Public Health Engineering Department

Civil Engineering

Paper I ( 150 Marks )

1. Building Materials ( 30 Marks )

Physical and Chemical properties, Classification, Standard Tests, Uses and Types of materials : Building stones, Bricks, silicate based materials, Cement and Mortars, Sand, Aggregates, Asbestos products, Timber and Wood based Products, Paints, Varnishes, Ferrous metals, Lubricants, Sealants for joints, Polymers and Plastics, Protective and decorative coatings.

2. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering ( 30 Marks )

Origin of soil, phase diagram, Definitions – void ratio, porosity, degree of saturation, water content, specific gravity of soil grains, unit weights, density index and interrelationship of different parameters, Grain size distribution curves and their uses. Index properties of soils, Atterberg’s limits, ISI soil classification and plasticity chart. Permeability of soil, coefficient of permeability, determination of coefficient of permeability, Shear strength of soils, direct shear test, Vane shear test, Triaxial test. Soil compaction, Laboratory compaction test, Maximum dry density and optimum moisture content, earth pressure theories, active and passive earth pressures, Bearing capacity of soils, plate load test, standard penetration test.
Foundation engineering : Foundation classification, Different type and selection criteria of foundation type, Requirements for a stable foundation, Minimum depth for shallow foundation, Definitions of bearing capacity of soil, Type of failure of soil below foundation footing, Determination of size of foundation footings.

3. Hydrology and Rainwater Harvesting – ( 30 Marks )

Hydrological cycle, Water budget equation, Precipitation : Forms, characteristics of precipitation on india, measurement, losses from precipitation. Run-off : Hydrograph, characteristics of streams, yield, droughts, surface water resources of india. Ground water : forms, aquifer properties, geological formations as aquifers. Wells, Well losses, Specific capacity, Ground water capacity.

Rainwater harvesting : Definition of terms : aquifer, artificial recharge, bore well, dry well, open wells, water table. Components of roof top rainwater harvesting and conservation system. Calculation of amount of rainwater that can be harvested from roof top. Design parameters for settlement tanks. General recommendations for rainwater harvesting. Quality of rainwater and method of treatment.

4. Design of RCC Building members and RCC water tanks ( 30 Marks )

Principles of Limit State Method ( LSM ) and Working stress method of design, Provisions of IS:456 and IS:13920 ( Latest version ) : Materials, workmanship, inspection, testing, placing and requirement of reinforcement, requirement of cement, aggregates and water. Water / Cement ration. Characteristic load & Strength, Partial factor of safety, Stress – strain characteristic of concrete and steel, Limit state of Durability, limit state of collapse in flexure and shear, limit state of serviceability. Theory and design of singly reinforced members. Bond, anchorage, development length and splicing. Design and IS code provisions for short columns, one way and two way slabs, isolated footing.

RCC water tanks : Indian standard codes and provisions prescribed for designing water retaining structures, causes and control of cracking, joints in water retaining structures. Removal of form works / shutters. Lining, lighting protection and ventilation of water tanks. Regular capacity and design capacity of water tanks. Classification and layout of elevated tanks. Nomenclature and functions of ancillary items of water retaining structures. Components of water
retaining structures.

5. Protective works, Slope stability and Landslide correction ( 30 Marks )

Design, construction, specifications and uses of Retaining walls, Breast walls, Toe walls, Crib walls and Revetment walls. Classification of slope movement. Causes of slope movement. Landslide investigations. Stability analysis, corrective measures and design considerations.

Civil Engineering

Paper II ( 150 Marks )

1. Estimating, Costing and Valuation ( 30 Marks )

Estimate, Glossary of technical terms, Analysis of rates, Methods and unit of measurement, Items of work – Earthwork, Brick work ( Modular & Traditional bricks ), RCC work, Shuttering, Timber work, Painting, Flooring, Plastering. Boundary wall, Brick building, Water Tank, Septic tank, Bar bending schedule. Centre line method, Mid-section formula, Trapezodial formula, Simpson’s rule. Cost estimate of Septic tank, flexible pavements, Tube well, isolated and combined footings, Steel Truss, Piles and pile-caps. Valuation – Value and cost, scrap value, salvage value, assessed value, sinking fund, depreciation and obsolescence, methods of valuation.

2. Transportation Engineering and Surveying ( 30 Marks )

Highway Engineering – Cross sectional elements, geometric design, types of pavements, pavement materials – aggregates and bitumen, different tests, Construction and specifications of : Granular Sub-Base ( GSB ), Water Bound Macadam ( WBM ) and Wet Mix Macadam ( WMM ), Gravel Road, Bituminous construction. Rigid pavement joint, Type of pavement distresses and maintenance. Highway drainage. Traffic Engineering : Traffic signals, traffic operation, traffic signs and markings, road safety.

Surveying : Principles of surveying, measurement of distance, chain surveying, working of prismatic compass, compass traversing, bearings, local attraction, plane table surveying, theodolite traversing, adjustment of theodolite, Levelling, Definition of terms used in leveling, contouring, curvature and refraction corrections, temporary and permanent adjustments of dumpy level, methods of contouring, uses of contour map, tachometric survey, curve setting, earth work calculation, advanced surveying equipment.

3. Environmental Engineering ( 20 Marks )

Quality of water, source of water supply, purification of water, distribution of water, need of sanitation, sewerage systems, circular sewer, oval sewer, sewer appurtenances, sewage treatments. Surface water drainage. Solid waste management – types, effects, engineered management system. Air pollution – pollutants, causes, effects, control. Noise pollution – causes, health effects, control.

4. Design of Steel structures and Steel water tanks ( 30 Marks )

Riveted and Bolted joints : Types and definitions. Riveted joints : assumptions in the theory. Failures, strength and efficiency. Design of riveted joints for axially loaded members. Welded joints : processes, types and symbols, advantages and disadvantages. Terms used in the design of fillet welds and butt welds. Compression members : effective length, maximum slenderness ratio, typical cross-section, design of compression members.

Steel tanks : Types of steel tanks commonly used, accessories commonly required, pressed steel tanks.

5. Professional practices ( 20 Marks )

Schedule of works, Schedule of Rates ( SOR ), Analysis of rates, Technical specifications, Cost indices. Stages for execution of works : administrative approval, expenditure sanction, technical sanction, deviations, extra and substituted items, contingencies, work charged establishment, Types of estimate. Tendering and Agreement : sale, opening and acceptance of tenders, earnest money, performance guarantee, security deposit, extension of time, liquidated damage, advance payment to contractors. Measurement book : writing, recording, testing of measurement, loss of measurement book.

Contract : definition, essential elements of a valid contract, offer and acceptance. Free consent ( Definition and consequences ) : coercion, undue influence, fraud, mis-representation, mistake. Special contracts : indemnity, guarantee, bailment and pledge, agency.

6. Aptitude Test ( 20 Marks )

(a) Numerical And Figurework Tests : ( 4 Marks )

These tests are reflections of fluency with numbers and calculations. It shows how easily a person can think with numbers. The subject will be given a series of numbers. His / Her task is to see how the numbers go together to form a relationship with each other. He / She has to choose a number which would go next in the series.

(b) Verbal Analysis And Vocabulary Tests : ( 6 Marks )

These tests measure the degree of comfort and fluency with the English language. These tests will measure how a person will reason with words. The subject will be given questions with alternative answers, that will reflect his / her command of the rule and use of English language.

(c) Visual And Spatial / 3-D Ability Tests : ( 4 Marks )

These tests are used to measure perceptual speed and acuity. The subject will be shown pictures where he / she is asked to identify the odd one out; or which comes next in the sequence or explores how easily he / she can see and turn around objects in space.

(d) Abstract Reasoning Tests : ( 6 Marks )

This test measures the ability to analyse information and solve problems on a complex, thought based level. It measures a person’s ability to quickly identify patterns, logical rules and trends in new data, integrate this information, and apply it to solve problems.


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Mizoram PSC Recruitment 2016 for Junior Engineer


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