UPSC Recruitment 2016 Application Form for Physical Chemist, Junior Scientific Officer

UPSC Recruitment 2016 Application Form for Physical Chemist UPSC Physical Chemist Recruitment | UPSC Physical Chemist Age Limit | UPSC Physical Chemist Application Fee

UPSC Recruitment 2016 Application Form for Physical Chemist, Junior Scientific Officer

How to Apply for UPSC Recruitment 2016 :

  1. Candidates must apply UPSC Online Application through the website Applications received through any other mode would not be accepted and summarily rejected.
  2. Candidates must upload documents pertaining to educational qualifications and experience (preferably in Prescribed format), if any, as claimed in the UPSC Online Application, in a single pdf file in such a way that the file size does not exceed 2 MB and is legible when a printout taken. For that the applicant may scan the experience certificate in 200 dpi grey scale. Documents like Pay Slip, Resume, Appointment Letter, Relieving Letter, Un-signed Experience Certificate etc. must not be uploaded in the Document Upload Module.
  3. Important : Candidates are advised to fill their correct and active e-mail Addresses in the UPSC Online Application as all correspondence will be made by the UPSC Commission through e-mail only. Interview schedule and requirements with regard to copies of certificates to be submitted in respect of claims made in the UPSC Online Application will be e-mailed in due course to the candidates in their registered e-mail id and will also be posted on the website of the UPSC Commission.
  4. Candidates who wish to apply for more than one post should apply separately for each post and pay the fee for each post in the prescribed manner.
  5. After submitting the UPSC Online Recruitment Application (ORA), the candidates are required to take out a print out of the finally submitted UPSC Online Recruitment Application.
  6. Candidates are not required to submit to the UPSC Commission either by post or by hand the printouts of their UPSC Online Applications or any other document. They will be required to bring along with them the printouts of their Online Applications and the documents if called for UPSC interview.
  7. The Applicants are advised to submit only single UPSC Online Recruitment Application for each post; however, if somehow, if he/she submits multiple Online Recruitment Applications for one post, then he/she must ensure that UPSC Online Recruitment Application with the higher “Application Number” is complete in all respects including fee. The Applicants, who submit UPSC Multiple Online Recruitment Applications, should note that only the UPSC Online Recruitment Application with higher “Application Number” shall be entertained by the Commission and fee paid against one “Application Number” shall not be adjusted against any other “Application Number”.
  8. The candidates are advised to submit the UPSC Online Recruitment Application well in advance without waiting for the Closing Date.

Candidates short listed for UPSC interview on the basis of the information provided in the Online Applications submitted by them will be required to send self attested copies of documents/relevant certificates in support of the claims made in the Application as and when demanded by the UPSC Commission.


Closing Date for Submission of Online Recruitment Application (ORA) through ORA website is 23:59 hrs on 11th August, 2016. The Last Date for printing of Completely Submitted Online Application is upto 23:59 hrs on 12th August, 2016.

Date for Determining the Eligibility of All Candidates in every respect shall be the prescribed Closing date for submission of Online Recruitment Application (ORA). The Applicants are advised to fill in all their particulars in the Online Recruitment Application carefully as submission of wrong information may lead to rejection through computer based shortlisting apart from debarment by the UPSC commission.

Date for the UPSC interview on which the shortlisted candidate is required to bring the printout of his/her Online Application along with other documents at UPSC shall be intimated separately.

Warning : Candidates will be short-listed for UPSC Interview on the basis of the information provided by them in their UPSC Online Applications, they must ensure that such information is true. If at any subsequent stage or at the time of interview any information given by them or any claim made by them in their UPSC Online, Applications is found to be false, their candidature will be liable to be rejected and they may also be debarred either permanently or for a specified period by the :

  1. Commission from any examination or selection held by them.
  2. Central Government from any employment under them.

Other Information/Instructions for UPSC Recruitment 2016 :

    1. All candidates whether in Government service or in Government owned industrial or other similar organizations or in private employment should submit their Applications Online directly to the UPSC Commission. Persons already in Regular Government service, whether in permanent or temporary capacity other than casual/adhoc/daily wages/hourly paid/contract basis are however required to submit a declaration that they have informed in writing to their Head of Office/Department that they have applied for the selection.
    2. The Date for determining the Eligibility of all candidates in every respect shall be the Closing Date for submitting the Online Recruitment Application on the website
    3. In respect of equivalent clause in Essential Qualifications, if a candidate is claiming a particular qualification as equivalent qualification as per the requirement of advertisement, then the candidate is required to produce order/letter in this regard, indicating the Authority (with number and date) under which it has been so treated otherwise the UPSC Online Recruitment Application is liable to be rejected.
    4. Candidates must, if required, attend a Personal Interview at such place, as may be fixed by the UPSC Commission. The Commission do not defray the traveling or other expenses of candidates summoned for UPSC interview. They, however, contribute towards those expenses at a rate corresponding to the amount of the Second Class Mail railway fare by the shortest route to the place of interview from the Railway Station nearest to the normal place of residence of the candidate or from which he actually performs the journey, whichever, is nearer to the place of interview, and back to the same station or the amount of Railway fare actually incurred by the candidate whichever is less. Details of this will be furnished when they are called for UPSC interview.
    5. UPSC Commission’s contribution towards the traveling expenses in respect of those candidates who are interviewed at Delhi will be paid on the spot on the Date of Interview itself provided they fulfill all the conditions. In respect of those candidates who have been called to be present at interviews at places other than Delhi, the same will be sent by Money Order later on.
    6. The Summoning of candidates for UPSC interview convey no assurance whatsoever that they will be selected. Appointment orders to selected candidates will be issued by the Government.
    7. Candidates must be in sound bodily health. They must, if selected be prepared to undergo such Medical Examination and satisfy such medical authority as Government may require.
    8. Candidates will be informed of the final result in due course through UPSC website/ Employment News and any interim En quires about the result are therefore, unnecessary and will not be attended to. The UPSC Commission do not enter into correspondence with the candidates about reasons for their non selection for Interview/Appointment.
    9. The UPSC Commission may grant higher initial pay to candidates adjudged meritorious in the UPSC interview.
    10. Canvassing in any form will disqualify a candidate.


Mobile Phones are Banned in the Campus of UPSC Examination/Interview Hall

    1. Government strives to have work force which reflects gender balance and women candidates are encouraged to apply.
    2. In case of any guidance/information/clarification regarding their UPSC Applications, candidature etc. candidates can contact UPSC Facilitation Counter near gate ‘C’ of its campus in person or over Telephone No. 011-23385271/011-23381125/011-23098543 on working days between 10.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs.

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UPSC Recruitment 2016 Application Form for Physical Chemist, Junior Scientific Officer


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