East Central Railway Recruitment 2016 for Assistant Electrical Engineer

East Central Railway Recruitment 2016 for Assistant Electrical Engineer

East Central Railway invites application for the post of Assistant Electrical Engineer (Group-’B’) against 70% quota.

East Central Railway AEE Vacancies 2016 :

Total : 06

UR : 04

SC : 01

ST : 01

East Central Railway AEE Exam Date 2016 :

  1. Date of ECR AEE Written Examination :

21st September, 2016


  • Time :

11.00 to 14.00 hours.



  • Venue :

General Manager office / ECR / Hajipur.



  • Reporting time :

10.00 AM


ECR Assistant Electrical Engineer Pay Scale 2016 : Rupee9300-34800/ – (PB-2) Grade Pay Rupee4800 against 70% quota.

ECR Assistant Electrical Engineer Eligibility 2016 :

As on 13th April, 2014

    1. The eligible Group ‘C’ employees of Electrical Department who are eligible to appear in the 70% selection and standby list are enclosed herewith marked as Annexure- “A” and Annexure – “B” (standby list) respectively containing 21 names [ 18 employees + 2* twice failed employees + 01 SC** as per 5 times extended field of eligibility] in the main list and 21 names in the standby list in order of seniority. They may be asked to be in readiness to appear for written examination which will be tentatively held on 21st September, 2016.
    1. Normally there is no provision for holding absentee written examination. However, in exceptional circumstances where sufficient and satisfactory reasons / proof beyond control of candidates are available, (viz either the candidate under RMC or he was not spared by his controlling officer due to administrative reasons) with approval of the competent authority, only such candidates may be allowed to appear in absentee written examination. It will be responsibility of the candidate to advice reasons of absence through controlling officer to Dy.CPO(Gaz.) / E.C.Railway / Hajipur within 03 days from the date of written examination. In case of failure to comply the above instructions by the candidate, he / she will not be allowed to appear in the absentee written examination, if held.
    2. The above selection will be based on candidate’s performance both in written examination, viva-voce and Record of Service. The candidates who qualify in the written examination followed by medical test of specified category will only be eligible for viva-voce test. The placement of the candidates in the panel will be based on their performance in the written examination / viva -voce / record of service as per extant procedure of Railway Board.
    3. The cut-off date of eligibility for candidates both for 70% selection and corresponding 30% LDCE (to be notified later) is 13th April, 2014.
    4. The main & stand-by list of candidates of Electrical Department who are eligible to appear in the selection to the post of AEE(Group-’B') against 70% quota are enclosed here with, marked as Annexure- “A” and Annexure-”B” respectively in order of seniority.While preparing the aforesaid list of Annexure-”A” and Annexure-”B”, the provisions contained in Board’s letter No. E(GP)85/ 1/78 dated 10th September, 1986, E(GP)87 /2/72 dated 11th January, 1988 and E(GP)99/2/22 dated 29th March, 2010 have been taken into accounts.Representation, if any, against the seniority position, omission / commission of any name may be sent to Dy.CPO(HRD)/ECR/HJP through proper channel with a copy directly docketing to Dy.CPO(Gaz.)/ECR/HJP within 15 days from the date of issue of this notification. No representation will be entertained after stipulated time period in any circumstances.

      The willingness / unwillingness of all the eligible candidates enlisted in Annexure -”A” and Annexure- “B” should be communicated to Dy.CPO(Gaz.)/ECR/HJP through special messenger by 16th August, 2016.

    5. Sr. DPOs / Personnel Officers of the Divisions / Units are requested to ensure that the Staff Welfare Inspector / Sectional Staff Welfare Inspector should be deputed to obtain willingness / unwillingness on the prescribed proforma enclosed as Annexure- “C” from the candidates (including ‘staff on deputation / leave / sick). If any candidate refuses to provide willingness / unwillingness, the deputed Staff Welfare Inspector should submit a written report regarding non-submission of option by the candidate. Such candidates will be treated as unwilling for the above selection.Above exercise should be completed within the target date and all the relevant papers should reach to Dy.CPO(Gaz.) /ECR/HJP by 16th August, 2016Positively, so that a final list of eligible willing candidates may be published.The controlling officers are also requested to co-ordinate with the Personnel Officers and staff to complete the above exercise within time frame.

  • East Central Railway AEE Exam Pattern 2016 :


The written examination for selection to the post of AEE (Group-’B') 70% will consist of only one paper with maximum marks of 150 and Qualifying marks of 90. Out of 150 marks, professional subject will carry 100 marks. In terms of Railway Board’s letter No. Hindi/ 1/02/04/12 dated 14th October, 2002, 10% marks of total allotted marks on professional subject will be on the subject of official language policy and rules, which will not be compulsory to attempt. Since AEE is safety post, no relaxation is admissible to SC/ST candidates as per extant rules.

The question paper will be bilingual i.e. Hindi & English both as per extant instructions. however, it will be candidate’s choice to write in English or in Hindi.


  • East Central Railway AEE Training of SC / ST Candidates 2016 :


It may be noted that in terms of Railway Board’s letter No. E(MPP)/96/3/23 dated 21st July, 2000 before conducting written examination, mandatory Pre-selection coaching classes of 3-4 weeks (21 working days) for SC / ST eligible candidates, will be arranged by the department concerned. CEE will nominate the in-charge of pre-selection coaching. The in-charge of Pre-selection coaching will also intimate the date and venue of the pre-selection coaching in due course.

  1. Duty of the in-charge of Pre-selection Coaching (to be nominated by CEE) :
      1. To inform in writing through special messenger to the eligible SC / ST employee with details of date, time & venue of coaching.
      2. To obtain in writing unwillingness to attend the coaching, if any, from the eligible SC / ST employees.
      3. To arrange sparing of the eligible SC / ST candidates, if any problem occurs in sparing.
      4. To chalk out coaching schedule.


  • Duty of Controlling Officer :


To spare the candidates under their control without fail in time with the direction to participate in the pre-selection coaching as well as to appear in the written examination also.


  • Duty of Concerned SC / ST Applicant :


  1. To manage their sparing from duty by insisting their controlling officers in their own interest.
  2. If any problem occurs in sparing , the candidate should report in writing to concerned in-charge of Pre-Selection coaching on the same date. No representation will be entertained in case of failure to report to the concerned in-charge of pre-­selection coaching and it will deemed to be refusal for the same.
  3. Failure of concerned SC / ST employees to avail pre-selection coaching on any account including leave etc. will be considered on their part.
  4. No appeal will be entertained by GM(P)/ECR/HJP office after completion of
    pre-selection coaching.

After completion of pre-selection coaching, the in-charge of the pre-selection coaching will give a written report along with all supporting papers including attendance sheet of SC / ST participants to Dy.CPO/Gaz/HJP latest by 13th September, 2016 for records and further action.


  • The Controlling / Authorized officer should ensure to issue individual sparing letter / identity slip duly attesting specimen signature of the candidate on the sparing letter / identity slip with direction to attend the written examination which is scheduled to be held on 21st September, 2016. The candidates without proper sparing letter / identity slip will not be allowed to appear in the examination.
  • The above selection will be held as per procedure laid down in Master Circular- 68, governing promotion from Group-’C’ to Group-’B’ issued by Railway Board and the instructions issued from time to time . The said master circular in available on website www.indianrailways.gov.in.


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East Central Railway Recruitment 2016 for Assistant Electrical Engineer


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