East Central Railway Recruitment 2016 for Assistant Commercial Manager

East Central Railway Recruitment 2016 for Assistant Commercial Manager

East Central Railway applications are invited to the following 02 vacancies (UR-02) of Group B post of Assistant Commercial Manageragainst 30% quota over East Central Railway.

ECR Assistant Commercial Manager Tentative Date for Written Exam & Viva 2016

  1. 1st Paper - 26th November, 2016
  2. 2nd Paper - 27th November, 2016
  3. ECR Assistant Commercial Manager Exam Time Duration 2016 : 03 hours of each paper.
  4. ECR Assistant Commercial Manager Viva – Voce 2016 : Separate advice will be issue.

East Central Railway Eligibility for Assistant Commercial Manager 2016 :

  1. Permanent Group C staff working in the Commercial Department, including ministerial staff who have opted for further advancement in the branch including those who are working in other Railway having lien an seniority on East Central Railway. The Law Superintendent/Law Assistants are also eligible to apply. All the above staff working in the grade minimum of Grade pay Rupee4200/- Pay Band Rupee9300-34800/- ( PB-2 ) having minimum 5 years non fortuitous service in the grade as on 1st November, 2013 are eligible to apply for the LDCE for selection. The cut – off date of eligibility for candidates for 30% LDCE is 1st November, 2013 which is same as in selection of 70% quota.
  2. As per Railway Boards letter No. E (GP) 2005/2/74 dated 13th March, 2008 (RBE 40/2008), in case of persons transferred at his own request to a new unit in the same category of posts, and assigned bottom seniority there in, the service rendered by them in the previous unit may be reckoned for determining their eligibility wherever a minimum length of service is prescribed as a condition, for promotion in the new unit, subject to the condition that the length of service which is so allowed to be counted does not exceed the length of service of their immediate senior in the new unit.

Eligible staff working in the construction/Project Organization, on deputation, on Training and/or any ex-cadre organization desire to volunteer for the above LDCE may also submit their application through their respective Personnel Branch Officer, where they hold lien. The concerned division/Unit further transmit notice to the staff who are on deputation after releasing from their divisions/Units.

Eligible staff who desire to volunteer for the above LDCE may submit their application through proper channel to their respective Personnel Branch Officer where they hold lien.

All the volunteers who fulfill the conditions of eligibility will get the chance to compete in the said LDCE, without any restrictions to the number of eligible candidates to be allowed for appearing in the examination.

The above selection will be based on the candidates performance in written examination, viva – voce test and Records of service. Only the candidates, who qualify in the written examination, and found medically fit for Safety Category of ACM (Gr.B) as prescribed in Indian Railway Medical Manual will only be called for Viva – voce test. The placement of the candidates in the panel will be based on their performance in Written Exam/viva – voce Test/Record of Service as per extant instruction of Railway Board.

East Central Railway written examination will consist of Two Papers on the subject, total marks & qualifying marks

SubjectMaximum MarksQualifying MarksDuration of Exam
Professional Subject, General Knowledge & or Rajbhasha.
1509003 Hours

(10% Marks of professional marks should be on Rajbhasha, official language policy & rules which will not be compulsory.)

SubjectMaximum MarksQualifying MarksDuration of Exam
Professional Subject, Establishment & Financial Rules
1509003 Hours

(out of 150 marks, the Professional subject will carry 100 marks.)

ECR Assistant Commercial Manager Total Marks & Qualifying marks in Viva – Voce test 2016

HeadMaximum MarksMinimum Qualifying Marks
Record of service2530, in which 15 marks of 'Record of Service' will be essential.
Viva-voce Test2530, in which 15 marks of 'Record of Service' will be essential.

The question paper will be bi-lingual, i.e. both in Hindi and English. It will be option to candidates choice to write in any one of these languages. The candidate should clearly indicate his choice of language in the space of the application format.

East Central Railway Exam question paper for the written test should have a practical basis i.e. it should be designed to test the ability of candidates to tackle the practical problems they are likely to face rather than their theoretical knowledge.

The controlling Officers should give wide publicity of East Central Railway notification amongst the eligible staff under their control and ensure submission of applications given by the candidates in the prescribed Proforma within the stipulated time. The last date for submission of the application by candidates duly countersigned by their controlling officer is 26th August, 2016.

The filled up East Central Railway applications should be scrutinized properly by associated Personnel Branch and verified with the Service Record to avoid any factual errors and future complications. The applications should also be signed by the Controlling Officer with Official seal and should have the counter signature of the concerned P Branch Officer.

All the ECR applications received by the Controlling Officer/Personnel Branch Officer should be sent in the bunch so as to reach to Dy.CPO/Gaz./ECR/HJP, on or before 8th September, 2016. positively. Applications forwarded after the target date will not be entertained under any circumstances. It may please be noted that application other than in prescribed Proforma, having incomplete information or without signed by controlling officer and countersigned by Personnel Branch Officer will not be entertained.

In case, service particulars furnished by the volunteers & certified to be in order by the concerned authority are found incorrect/false subsequently, the candidature of the volunteers will be liable to be cancelled at any stage of above LDCE and suitable departmental action will be initiated against him/her.

ECR Assistant Commercial Manager Training of SC/ST Candidates 2016 :

It may be noted that before conducting written examination, mandatory Pre selection coaching classes of 3-4 weeks (21 working days) for SC/ST eligible candidates in terms of Railway Boards letter No. E(MPP)96/3/23 dated 21st July, 2000, will be arranged by the department concerned. CCM will nominate the in-charge of Pre Selection Coaching. The in-charge will also intimate the date and venue of the pre selection coaching in due course.

If any SC/ST candidate refuses to undergo pre selection coaching, a written undertaking should be obtained from him. The controlling officers should ensure that the SC/ST candidates under their control are spared without fail on time to participate in the coaching. The SC/ST candidates are also advised to insist their controlling officers, in their own interest, to spare them for the said coaching.

Duty of the in-charge of Pre Selection Coaching (To be nominated by CCM) :

  1. To inform in writing through special messenger to the concerned SC/ST employee with details of date, time & venue of coaching.
  2. To obtain in writing unwillingness for coaching, if any, from the concerned SC/ST employees, Who will not willing to appear in Pre selection coaching .
  3. To arrange sparing of the candidates and liasoning with respective controlling officer/Supervisor.
  4. To chalk out coaching schedule and adhere to it.
  5. To ensure maintenance of daily attendance sheet of SC/ST coaching candidates.
  6. After completion of coaching, the in-charge of the pre selection coaching will give a written report along with all supporting papers including attendance sheet of SC/ST participants to Dy.CPO/Gaz/HJP latest by 21st November, 2016 for records and further action.

Duty of Controlling Officer :

To spare the candidates under their control without fail on time with the direction to participate in the coaching.

Duty of Concerned SC/ST Applicant :

  1. To manage their sparing from duty by insisting their controlling officers in their own interest.
  2. If any problem occurs in sparing, the candidate should report in writing to concerned in-charge of Pre Selection coaching on the same date. No representation will be entertained in case of failure to report to the concerned in­charge of pre selection coaching and it will deemed to be refusal for the same.
  3. Failure of concerned SC/ST employees to avail pre selection coaching on any account including leave etc. will be considered on their part and will not entitled them to additional coaching classes.
  4. No appeal will be entertained by GM(P)/ECR office after completion of pre selection coaching.
  5. The eligible staff should also be advised that no continuation written examination would be held for the absentees under any circumstances. As per rule, there is no provision of absentee exam in LDCE.

Syllabus for LDCE – for Promotion to Group B Posts in the Commercial Department for ACM (Gr.’B') Against 30% Selection


Paper – I : Professional Subject

  1. Booking of Goods Traffic : Forwarding notes, Registration of indents, allotment rating and routing of traffic, misdeclaration, RR, weighment including punitive charges for overloading, empty tare weightment, classification of goods, loading and unloading transshipment, fee time for loading an unloading, booking of animals, dangerous and offensive goods, military traffic, RMC, etc., different charges like demurrage, warfage, stacking, stabling, etc.
  2. Freight Incentive Schemes, Terminal Management System, Goods shed working, Trainload benefit, quick transit service, container service, loadability of wagons, higher capacity routes, Investment schemes like WIS, TIELS, Dynamic Pricing Policy.
  3. Out Agencies, City Booking Officers and other Ancillary services.
  4. Commercial Inspection.
  5. Siding assisted and private siding rules charges Liberalized Siding Policy.
  6. Dedicated Freight Corridor.
  7. Other recent policy changes regarding freight.
  8. Sealing and labeling of wagons delay in transit diversion of wagon load traffic disposal of seal defective wagons transport of small traffic repacking sheds and transshipment points.
  9. Delivery of consignments undercharges overcharges refund of over charges delivery of consignment short of destination disposal of consignments over carried disposal of unclaimed and unconnected consignments.
  10. Station outstanding : Realization and its clearance.

General Knowledge

It would contain questions on subject of interest as well as importance. Question should be based as to test the knowledge of candidates, which they would acquired general observation/reading without a specific study or detailed knowledge of text books. The Paper should also contain question on topic of national importance, achievements of Railways as also questions which will test the awareness of the candidates to development and are taking place.

Paper – II : Professional Subject

  1. Marketing and Sales activities at the level of Divisions and Headquarters Claims prevention and claims statistics public relations on railways public complaints and their disposal liability of railways in case of accident to a passenger train.
  2. Co-ordination of functions of various consultative committees at national, zonal and divisional levels.
  3. Liability of Railways as Carriers of goods and animals.
  4. Catering and vending services, Book stalls, etc.
  5. Indian Railways Conference Association its functions.
  6. Commercial Statistics their usefulness.
  7. Indian railways Act chapters relating to traffic facilities working of railway, responsibility of railways as carriers and penalties and offenses.
  8. Various ticketing schemes – Tatkal rules, concept of e-tickets, I-tickets, Scheme of Frequent Travel (SOFT), tickets through ATMs, Reservation and refund rules.
  9. Railway Claims Tribunal Act functioning of RCT and RRT.
  10. Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS), Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM), Jansadharan Ticket Booking Scheme (JTBS), Railway Travel Service Agents (RTSA), etc.
  11. Various measures including Intensive Check Posts (ICPs) to combat ticketing frauds and ticketless travel.
  12. Categorization of railway stations depending upon passenger earnings.
  13. Halt Policy.
  14. Passenger Amenities model stations minimum essential amenities recommended and desirable passenger amenities depending upon classification of station works programme, etc.
  15. Integrated on board services bedroll distribution in AC coaches cleanliness of coaches on board supply of newspapers, magazines and toiletries, etc.
  16. Public private partnership (PPP) schemes pay and use toilets (deluxe as well as normal) retiring rooms waiting halls beautification of stations, etc.
  17. Train enquiry system National Train Enquiry System (NTES) Integrated Train Enquiry System (ITES) Call Centers, etc.
  18. Customer Care Training a more customer friendly attitude among the front line staff on the job training, etc.
  19. Commercial Publicity policies and implementation on zonal railways.
  20. Classification of earnings.
  21. Strategies of enhance sundry earning parking contracts, STD/PCOs, Cyber Cafes, ATMs various kiosks, etc.
  22. Leasing Policy for Parcels.
  23. Rules regarding parcel booking, overloading and computerization of parcels, etc.

Financial & Establishment Rules

Personal Management :

  1. Organization of the Personnel Department in the Railways. The objectives of the personnel Department, functions and policies of the Personnel Department. Role of the Personnel officer in Headquarters and on the Divisions.
  2. Classification of services, Recruitment to the different services Group A to Group D Recruitment of Artisan staff special Reservation in Railway Services, Rules of the Railway Service Commissions in recruitment, Recruitment other than through usual channels, promotion policy and methods.
  3. Personnel Supervision leadership styles, formal and informal leadership, leadership qualities, different leadership styles. Domestic or participative leadership style. Advantage of participation, Joint Council of Management, Negotiating Machinery scheme, zonal and Divisional Corporate Groups.
  4. Inspection of loco sheds, C & W Depots, stations and Engineering Offices.

Labor Relations and Welfare, Union and their Rules

  1. Important recognized Trade Union in Railways, Role of unrecognized unions and method of dealing with them.
  2. Industrial Disputes and the legislative Frame works, Causes of Industrial Disputes, basis remedies, the Industrial disputes Act-1947, strike, lock out and lay off$, handling of grievances at Divisions and in the Head Quarters, handling of grievances by Labor enforcement Officers.
  3. The Hours of Employment Regulations, Overtime, job analysis and its techniques.
  4. The Factories Act, Special Rules for workshop staff in the Railways.
  5. The workmen compensation Act, Ex-Gratia payment, Incentive Bonus schemes.
  6. Pass rules.
  7. Retirement benefits under the provident fund and Pension Scheme, Final Settlement.
  8. Welfare for the whole family of railway men, co6ncept and practice obtaining on the Railways.

Financial Rules

  1. Parliamentary control over Railway finance public accountability, canons of financial propriety.
  2. Financial planning and Budgeting – Budgetary and financial Reviews Appropriation accounts.
  3. Rules of Allocation – Classification of expenditure – control over expenditure – Responsibility, accounting performance Budgeting – Exchequer General Financial Results of working.
  4. Works program – Financial Justification of works surveys preparation of Estimate – Capital Budget Control over capital expenditure productivity test.
  5. Financial control over store expenditure purchase and stores procedure Inventory control and A.B.C.
  6. Financial and cost control in Railway Workshop.
  7. Rules and procedure relating to tenders and contracts for execution of procurement of stores.
  8. Procedure for processing and finalizing the Audit Objection and Drafting.
  9. Delegation of powers.
  10. Losses, Frauds and embezzlements.

Recommended Reading (Financial Rules)

  1. Indian Railway General Code Vol.I & II (Chapter III, IX, XVII).
  2. Indian Railway Code for Account Department. Pt. (Chapter VIII)
  3. Indian Railway Administration & Finance Introduction First Edition Chapter II, VII, & VIII.
  4. Indian Railway Code for the Engineering Department, Chapter – II to V, IX to XIV.
  5. Indian Railway Code for the Store Department, excluding chapter XV to XXX & XXXX.
  6. Report of the Task Force on Budgetary Accounting and Management Practice Rlys. First and second report.
  7. Report by the Committee on Technique of Financial appraisal of Rly. Project.
  8. Indian Railway Code for Mechanical Department, Chapter VIII to XII.

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East Central Railway Recruitment 2016 for Assistant Commercial Manager


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