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Test – I

1. In each of the following questions an attribute situation is described in the form of statement that is followed by two options. Tick Mark your choice. There is no right or wrong answers but the suitability matters.

2. You have opted Defence Services as your carrier because…….

1. Defence Officers’ are paid well.
2. It carries adventurous activities.

3. We keep dog because….

1. It is faithful
2. It guards the house

4. I prefer the following in a woman

1. Beauty
2. Education

5. Government service is better because.

1. There is good salary
2. There is job security.

6. A soldier serves the nation more because.

1. He sacrifices for the country
2. He fights against external aggressions.

7. Co-education is useful because-

1. It reduces government expenditure.
2. It gives better understanding between boys and girls.

8. We maintain garden for-

1. Beautifying the area
2. For regular morning walk.

9. Brave who laid their life on the battle field are endorsed in the books of History for

1. For the act of bravery and heroism.
2. To give lesson to new generation.

10. Police does his duties because-

1. He is paid for that
2. He feels responsibility.

11. We extend help to old persons because-

1. They need help.
2. They approach for help.

Test – II :

Fill in the missing words :-

1. As Long is to Short, so is Up is to _________.

2. As forest is to Tress so is Pond is to _________.

3. As teacher is to Chalk so is wood cutter is to_________.

4. As night is to Day so is Darkness is to _________.

5. As Good is to Bad so is Joys to _________.

6. As Stop is to Go, so is Smooth is to _________.

7. As Admiral is to sailor so is General is to _________.

8. As Food is to Eat so is Newspaper is to _________.

9. As Brave is to Coward so is Sharp is to _________.

10. As Scientist is to New Search so is Soldier to _________.

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SSB Screening Test Model


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  1. Shiva Rama Krishna August 26, 2012 at 9:43 pm # Reply

    What if we do not like either of the options?

  2. sreeramkumar September 25, 2012 at 8:40 pm # Reply

    how to prepare for screening test . Will the ssb conduct interview in english.
    will ther be any books for ssb interview. if yes wat are they.

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