Indian Army SSC NCC Special Entry Scheme 36th Course Oct 2014 – Selection Procedure

5. Indian Army SSC NCC Special Entry Scheme 36th Course Oct 2014 – Selection ProcedureSSC NCC Special Entry Scheme Course | Application Form

  1. All applications for Indian Army SSC NCC Special Entry Scheme as per format given are to be forwarded to Rtg. Directorate ( NCC Entry ) through HQ DG NCC. The NCC Units / Gp HQs will forward the SSC NCC Special Entry applications to State Directorates who in turn will forward the same to HQ DG NCC.
  2. Thorough screening / Shortlisting of applications for Indian Army based on qualifications of the candidates will be carried out by the NCC Directorates and HQ DG NCC.
  3. Candidates not in receipt of call letter from any of the Indian Army NCC Selection Centres for SSB interview should presume that either their applications for Indian Army have been received after due date or have been found ineligible or rejected during short – listing. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained. Candidates after shortlisting will be detailed for Indian Army SSB interview by Directorate General of Recruiting. The decision of Headquarter DG NCC and Dte Gen Rtg in Army HQ, in the matter of Shortlisting and forwarding of Indian Army applications to SSBs will be final.
  4. On arrival at the Indian Army NCC Special Entry Selection Centre the candidates will be administered stage I of the two stage testing procedure. Candidates failing in stage l will be sent back on the same day and those who qualify will be detained to undergo Group Tests. Psychological Tests and Indian Army Interview which will extend for a duration of 5 days.
  5. Candidates recommended by Indian Army SSBs will be required to go through Medical Exam. Candidates who are found medically fit will be placed in order of merit as per the marks obtained in Indian Army SSB interview amongst the recommended candidates. Boarding and lodging during interviews at Indian Army SSBs are free. Recommendation by SSB confers no right of admission to the Officers Training Academy. The final selection for Indian Army will be made as per the order of merit subject to medical fitness and suitability in all other respects and number of Indian Army NCC Special Entry 2014 vacancies available.
  6. The Indian Army merit list of the recommended candidates will be displayed at the reception of DG Recruiting and Indian Army website i.e.

6. Indian Army NCC Special Entry Medical Examination 2014 :

Candidates recommended by the Service Selection Board will undergo medical examination by a Board of Service Medical Officers. Women candidates recommended by Indian Army Service Selection Board will undergo medical examination by a medical board of male / female doctors / Specialists / Gynaeocologist. However, there will be a Lady Medical Officer as member of the Medical Board for female candidates. Only those candidates will be admitted to the Academy who are declared fit by the Special Medical Board.

However, the candidates declared until will be intimated by the President of the Special Medical Board and procedure for request for Appeal Medical Board ( AMB ). Candidates who are unfit may apply for Appeal Medical Board ( AMB ) to be completed within 42 days of SMB and may request for Review Medical Board ( RMB ) within 1 day of completion of Appeal Medical Board.

Candidates for AMB shall automatically report to the hospital opted by them on any working day, keeping in view the time taken by postal authorities to deliver their medical documents at the Hospital for medical examination. No call shall be given by the opted hospital and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained. Candidates are advised in their own interest to appear for AMB well in time and should not wait for the last date given by the SMB. Candidates are advised to note that Recruiting Directorate has no role to play in Appeal Medical Boards; the procedure advised by medical authorities is strictly to be adhered to. The candidates will also be intimated that Review Medical Board ( RMB ) will be granted at the discretion of DGAFMS based on the merits of the case and that RMB is not a matter of right. Candidates will only be considered medically fit on receipt of the approved medical board proceedings from concerned medical authorities in Dte Gen Rtg.

7. In their own interest the candidates are advised to undergo a preliminary medical check-up for wax in ears, refractory error of eyes and fungal infection of skin before reporting for the Indian Army SSB interview.

8. Entitlement for Travelling Allowance in Indian Army : Candidates appearing for SSB interviews for the first time for particular type of commission shall be entitled for AC III Tier to and fro railway fare or bus fare including reservation-Cum-Sleeper charges within the Indian Limits. Candidates who appear again for the same type of commission will not be entitled to travelling allowances on any subsequent occasion.

9. Training at OTA Chennai is at Govt Expenses : Duration of Training is 49 weeks training at OTA, Chennai, On successful completion of which candidates will be granted commission in the rank of Lt. The final allocation of Arms / Services will be made prior to passing out of Gentleman Cadets / Lady Cadets from OTA. Candidates will not be allowed to live with parents / guardian. Candidates must not marry until they complete the full training at OTA. A candidate who marries subsequent to the date of his / her application though successful at the Service Selection Board interview or Medical Examination will not be inducted for training. A candidate if he / she marries while under Indian Army training shall be discharge and will be liable to refund all expenditure incurred on him / her by the govt. It is also applicable to the Wards of Battle Casualties of Army Personnel. University of Madras will award “Post, Graduate Diploma in Defence Management and Strategic Studies” to all cadets who successfully complete Pre-Commission Training at OTA, Chennai.

10. The final allocation of allocation of Arms / Service will be made prior to passing out gentleman cadets / Lady cadets from OTA.

11. Indian Army Terms and Conditions of Service :

  1. Period of Probation : An officer will be on probation for a period of 6 months from the date he / she receives his commission. If he / she is reported on within the probationary period as unsuitable to retain his / her commission, his / her services may be terminated any time whether before or after the expiry of the probationary period.
  2. Posting : Personnel granted Short Service Commission are liable to serve anywhere in India and abroad.
  3. Tenure of Engagement : Officers will be required to serve for ten years extendable by a further period of four years, subject to their performance having been found fit for extension of tenure and having given option for the service. Male Officers who are willing to continue services in Indian Amy after the expiry of 10 years in Short Service Commision may if eligible and suitable in all respects be considered for Grant of Permanent Commission in accordance with the relevant rules.
  4. Termination of Commission : An officer granted Short Service Commission will be liable to serve for ten years but his Commission may be terminated at any time by the Government of India for :
    1. misconduct or if his / her services are found to be unsatisfactory or
    2. On account of medical unfitness or
    3. if his / her services are no longer required or
    4. if he / she fails to qualify in any prescribed test or course.
    5. An officer may on giving 3 months notice be permitted to resign his / her commission on compassionate grounds of which the Government of India will be the sole judge. An officer who is permitted to resign his / her commission on compassionate grounds will not be eligible for terminal gratuity.

12. Reserve Liability : SSC Officers on release before or expiry of contractual length of service will carry reserve liability to serve the Army for five years plus two years on voluntary basis or upto the age of 37 years for women and 40 years for men which ever is earlier.

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Indian Army SSC NCC Special Entry Scheme 36th Course Oct 2014 – Selection Procedure


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    please mail me for next notification of SSC NCC Special Entry Scheme

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      Applying for Indian Army SSC NCC Special Entry Scheme Course has been closed for this year. The notification for next year is not yet issued, so please keep on watching this page.

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    sr i m in IT…having C cert. with A grade..but i have a backlog,,
    m i eligible?for NCC special entry

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    Sir, l am appling form in special ncc entry in armed force, so plese send date of exam will be conduct

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    Sir, I applied in SSC NCC Special entry scheme 32nd oct 2012.
    So please send me details about date of SSB interview.

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