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Organizing Ability :

Clear Aim and Objective- Ambition and Goal in life. Planning – Working out what is to be done, when and how? Methodical and systematic Approach. Mobilization and utilization of resources.

Character : Discipline, Loyalty, Integrity and moral values. Sincerity

Health and Physical Stamina : Games and Sports- Indoor as Well as outdoor. Athletics, exercising, cycling, swimming trekking riding etc., Physical endurance and stamina. NCC or Scout training. Camp life experience.

Hobbies and Interests : Utilisation of leisure and spare time- Cinema, radio, reading books, journals, etc. Cultural activities- Social service. Fine arts drama, music, dancing etc.,

Dynamic Qualities :

Self Confidence, Initiative and enterprise Drive, dash, push, motivation Courage, pluck guts, Promptness to take decision. Determination, perseverance. Judgement, industry, energy, effort, hard work, active temperament. Power of Command. Resourcefulness. Spirit o adventure, willingness to take risks, enterprise.

Psychological Factors :

Positive thinking, confidence and determined approach. Optimistic, hopeful outlook. Sense of right and wrong. Absence of anti-social or negative qualities- e.g unreasonable fear, persecution complex, jealousy, inclination towards crimes, tendency to tell lies, selfishness, quarrelsome attitudes, irritable nature etc.,

Social Qualities :

Sense of responsibility. Adaptability, Co-operation, readiness to help. Tact, pleasing manners and poise. Preference to group life and activity. Considerations for feelings of others, practice what you preach. Persuasive ability. Good manners. Ability to influence others and get things done.

Some practical Hints :

No matter what the extent or depth of one’s knowledge or how high his other leadership qualities, the candidate cannot impress the board unless he can talk well, interestingly and forcefully during the interview. While giving answers, he should bring out such of his activities or experiences which show up traits of leadership in him.

His words should be audible to all the members ( Some time there may be other officers with the IO ) He must speak slowly, laying emphasis on his words were necessary. He should not sound monotonous by speaking in even pitch or in a dragging or mumbling voice. Instead his words should have life. He must raise his voice where emphasis is required. Be deliberately slow, so that he could be clearly heard and understood. The candidate Should speak with confidence, and should look into the eyes of the different Members in turn.

First, understand the question put to him thoroughly. If he is not bale to hear clearly or follow the question properly, he can request the member asking the question to repeat it. All he has to say is ” I beg your pardon, Sir”, Or ” Could you please repeat the question?”

How does the Interviewing Officer Judge the Candidate, during the interview?

Appearance and Bearing :

  • What is his first impression like?
  • Is he able to make a favorable impression?
  • Does he create an impact?
  • How are his dressing habits and grooming?
  • Is he cheerful and bright?
  • Does he smile
  • Is he neat and clean?
  • Does he reveal pleasant and good manners?
  • Does he observe the rules of etiquette?

Level of Intelligence :

  • Is he intelligent as well as sensible?
  • Does he show good awareness?
  • Has he a quick and good grasp?
  • Is he well read?
  • Has he got good General Knowledge in regard to the job he has applied for?
  • What are his qualifications and experience?
  • Has he acquitted himself
  • Appreciate the Wisdom of being clean and tidy.
  • Mind Your Clothes
  • Etiquette, manners and Courtesy can help you a great deal in tilting the interview in your favour.
  • Avoid Mannerisms
  • Smile and be Cheerful
  • Speak distinctly and audibly
  • Be attentive and look attentive when the Ion speaks to you.
  • You must avoid arguments
  • Do not bluff, boast vainly and shoot lions
  • Act with confidence, hope and assurance.

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Ten Golden Tips to Top in SSB Interviews – Page 2


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