Regiments in the Infantry

Regiments in the InfantryIndian Defence Exams | Defence Services Exam Notification

There are approximately 28 Infantry Regiments for which , one can opt for on passing our of OTA / IMA

  1. The Brigade of The Gurads
  2. The Mahar Regiment
  3. The Parachute Regiment
  4. Jammu & Kashmir Rifles
  5. The Mechanised Infantry
  6. The Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry
  7. The Punjab Regiment
  8. The Naga Regiment
  9. The Madras Regiment
  10. 1 Gorkha Rifles
  11. The Grenadiers Regiment
  12. 3 Gorkha Rifles
  13. The Maratha Light Infantry
  14. 4 Gorkha Rifles
  15. The Rajputana rifles
  16. 5 Gorkha Rifles
  17. The Rajput Regiment
  18. 8 Gorkhs Rifles
  19. The Sikh Regiment
  20. 9 Gorkhs Rifles
  21. The Kumaon Regiment
  22. The Assam Regiment
  23. 11 Gorkha Rifles :

The Sikh Light Infantry,

The Dogra Regiment,

The Garhwal Rifles:

The Jat Regiment

The Bihar Regiment

Note :

The Soldiers of these battalions come form the area / Castes as mentioned in the name of their Regiments. However, there is no such restriction on the posting of Officers to these Units / Regiments.

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Regiments in the Infantry


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