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Subject – English

Section A – Reading ( 25 Marks )

Read the following passage carefully, Think and Write the answers to the questions that follow :

Imagine a mountain spitting out burning hot rocks and lava trickling along the sides frightening, awe-inspiring, nature at it’s wildest- that’s what a volcano is. How does this happen?

The crust of the earth is composed of twelve major pieces and a number of smaller plates. Where the rocky pieces reach up to a great height, continents are found and where there are depressions, there are basins. These basins are filled with water and make up the oceans. The plates keep rubbing against each other. They slide and push against one another and even pull apart from each other. At this time, earthquakes and volcanoes rock the earth. Why does all this happen?

In the center of the core of the earth there is a pool of melted rock. It is called magma. Due to the intense heat inside, magma expands and pushes against solid rock. It squeezes into cracks and as it reaches the earth’s surface, it bursts out and that is what a volcanic eruption is.

Magma also has a number of bubbling gases in it. When magma reaches the surface of the earth it is called lava. Lava is boiling, red-hot liquid. As it runs down the sides of the volcano it cools down and solidifies. A volcano also spits out TEPHRA, which is hardened magma. It either comes out in the form of rocks or tiny particles of volcanic ash. The largest pieces of tephra are referred to as volcanic bombs. These are dangerous as they may be large and weighty. Volcanoes give off gases, which are sometimes poisonous.

Earth is not the only planet that has volcanoes. Volcanoes are found on Venus and Mars, as well as, our moon and the moons of Jupiter. On the earth however, volcanoes are found on all the continents except Australia. Most volcanoes on Earth are found in an area appropriately name “the ring of fire”. This is situated in a broad belt around the Pacific Ocean. A number of volcanoes are also found near the Mediterranean and Carribean Seas.

Volcanoes endanger the lives and properties of those living close to them, but volcanic ash is full of mineral that makes the soil very fertile. A good example of this is the rich, mineral filled soil of Bali, Indonesia. Thanks to this, three crops of rice may be grown here in a year. Volcanoes also bring to the surface precious metals such as Gold and Silver. Magma when it cools over a long period of time may also form diamonds.

Scientists and geologists have unraveled much of the mystery surrounding volcanic eruptions, but an erupting volcano still remains an awe-inspiring sight.

QA1. Based on the above passage, write answers to the following questions. (25 Marks).

a) Why is a volcano described as being ” Nature at it’s wildest”?

b) Why does a volcanic eruption take place?

c) Which are the places where volcanoes are found?

d) Explain the following terms: i) Magma, ii) lava, iii) Tephra

e) Choose the correct meaning of the following words appearing in the passage.

i) Awe-inspiring : (a) Fear (b) wonder (c) respectful (d) surprising

ii) Depression : a) hopeless (b) sunken place (c) slump (d) Steep

iii) Intense : a) extreme (b) deep (c) strong feeling (d) inside

iv) Composed : a) calm (b) made up of (c) very bright (d) combination

v) Eruption : a) boil (b) bursting out of lava and ash (c) dramatic outbreak (d) corrupt

vi) Write in your words how volcanoes harm and benefit us ?

Section B – Writing (75 Marks)

QB 1. Imagine that you are a journalist based at Ahmedabad. Write a short report of the Earthquake that took place on January 26th, 2001.

QB 2. Write an essay of around 300 words on any one of the topics given below in the answer sheet provided :

a) Boarding Schools : Their advantages and disadvantages Or b) The autobiography of a soldier. (Marks – 40)

QB3. Write a letter of about 200 words to your friend describing the book you just read and asking him to develop the reading habit. (This letter must be signed as XYZ at the end.)( Marks 25)

Section C – Grammar ( 25 Marks)

QC1. There is a mistake in the following sentences. Rewrite them correctly : ( 5 marks)

a) The sceneries of Kashmir are charming.

b) Your’s affectionate son

c) The news are interesting

d) How many sons she has?

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Rashtriya Indian Military College – Dehradun


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