Pay and Perks Commissioned Officers

Pay and Perks Commissioned OfficersIndian Defence Exams | Defence Services Exam Notification

What do I benefit from joining the Forces, in terms of pay and perks?

Commissioned Officers Attractive Pay Scale : The present pay scales are as follows :

RankPay Scale (Basic)Rank pay
Lieutenant / Flying Officer / Sub Lieutenant8250-300-10050Nil
Captain / Flt Lt / Lieutenant9600-300-11400400
Major / Sqn Ldr / Lt Commander11000-325-148501200
Lieutenant Colonel / Wing Cdr / Commander13500-400-171001600 (Promoted on completion of 13 years of service)
Colonel / Gp Captain / Captain15100-400-171002000 ( Promotion By Selection)
Brigadier / Air Commodore / Commodore16700-4350-180502400
Major General / Air Vice Marshal / Rear Admiral18400-500-22400Nil
Lt General / Air Marshal / Vice Admiral22400-525-24500Nil
Chief of Army Staff / Air Chief Marshal / Admiral30000 (Fixed)Nil

Commissioned Officers Allowances :

In addition to the pay as given above, the following allowances are admissible to Officers depending on their places of posting and their qualifications.

Dearness Allowance for Commissioned Officers : This varies from time to time, presently it is 59 % of basic pay.

Flying Pay for Commissioned Officers :

The pilots in all the three forces, the navigators in the Air force and Signalers and Engineers in the Indian Air force are entitled to Flying allowance. This depends upon the their rank Ranges from Rupee 900 to Rupee 7000 per month.

  1. Technical pay
  2. Specialist Pay
  3. City Compensatory Allowance : As admissible to Civilian Gazetted Officers from time to time.
  4. Field Area Allowance : This is at rate of Rupee 1050 to Rupee 2000 per month.
  5. Modified Field Area Allowance : this is at the rate of Rupee 400/- to Rupee 500 per month.
  6. High Altitude allowance / Uncongenial Climate Allowance : In addition to the compensatory Field Area Allowance Officer posted to areas situated at a height of 9000 feet and above get upto Rupee 800/- per month.
  7. Outfit Allowance : The initial outfit allowance is Rupee 6,000. This is renewed as renewal outfit allowance at the rate of Rupee 6000/- every 7th year.
  8. Kit maintenance Allowance : To maintain your smart uniform you get KMA at the rate of Rupee 200/- per month.
  9. Siachen Allowance : the Siachen Allowance at the rate of Rupee 7000/- per month is admissible to officers in addition to the Compensatory Field Area Allowance.

Perks and other Privileges :

  1. Free Rations For all ranks.
  2. Furnished Accommodation and allied facilities of concessional Rates.
  3. Free medical Facilities for Self and Family members.
  4. CSD canteen Facilities.
  5. Group Housing Scheme.
  6. Soft Loans for purchase of car/ scooter / Computer and House building.
  7. Schooling and Transport for Children- Kendriya Vidhyala and Army Public Schools. Concession given for students of Sainik schools. Military schools and RIMC.
  8. Officer mess facilities.
  9. Liberal Study leave Benefits upto Two years fully Paid.
  10. 60 Days of Annual leave fully paid
  11. 20 Days of Casual leave for Officers and 30days of C/L for Other ranks.
  12. Free travel for self and Family by Rajdhani /other mail / express train. once in a period of two years.
  13. 50% Concession on traveling expense met by the individual during C/L
  14. 50% Concession on Indian Airlines for domestic travel for self and members of the family.
  15. On deputation to Home ministry / Foreign Countries, the individual is given allowances as per their rank and pay structure.
  16. A closer look at what a lieutenant gets after posting to a Unit.
  17. Basic Pay Rupee 8,250
  1. Rank pay applicable for the rank of Captain and above : Rupee 400 to 2400.
  2. Dearness Allowance 57 % of basic Pay.
  3. Kit maintenance Allowance Rupee 200/- per month.
  4. City Compensatory Allowance Rupee 120- to 300 depending upon the city.
  5. Transport Allowance Rupee 400 to 800 Depending upon the city.
  6. Out fit Allowance Rupee 6000 (Renewal after every 7 Years).
  7. Field Area Allowance Rupee 800 to 3,390 Depending upon the area posted.
  8. If Posted in Glacier Rupee 7000 per month.
  9. Gallantry Award Allowance on getting a gallantry award Rupee 250 to Rupee 1,500 per month.
  10. Technical Allowance for specified courses Rupee 1000 to 1500 per month.
  11. Qualification Grant Rupee 3000 to 10,000.
  12. UN Mission – Regular pay + approximately Rupee 50,000 to 80,000 per month.

Pension :

The biggest benefit for all central government employees is that of Pension a Solider is entitled to Pension, even if he retires after 17 years of Colour Service and an officer starts earning his pension after 20 years of service in uniform. This is about 50 % of the average monthly pay (of the last 10 months of pay earned.) plus Dearness allowances as applicable.

Group Insurance Scheme :

This is available right from the training period. Up to Rupee 8 lacs coverage is available on a very low monthly premium. During training period coverage up to Rupee 2 lacs is available for cadets.

Adventure Activities :

Armed Forces encourage all incumbent to take part in various sports and adventures activities. From Foot ball Boxing. From River rafting to Sky Diving you name it is there in the Armed Forces. Your serve the Nation just for 20 years and the Country serves you till your death. Is that not a good bargain?

Degrees at the cost of Govt :

  1. On completion of NDA/ACC Training : B.A/ B.Sc.,
  2. On completion of DSSC, M.Sc.,
  3. On completion of 10 +2 Tech Entry B.Tech Engineering Degree.
  4. Study leave to study any Post graduate degree (Fully paid).
  5. A few officers get a chance to go abroad and study advanced courses.
  6. On completion of Courses like Junior Command and Senior Command Higher Command you get PG Diploma.

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Pay and Perks Commissioned Officers


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