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National Defence Academy Examination

NDA Training :

All cadets joining the National Defence Academy(NDA) after their 10+2 Examination, are trained in the Academy for three years culminating into graduation in B.A / B.Sc. or B. Sc. (Computer Science) degree of Jawaharlal Nehru University. Apart from academic training they are also trained in outdoor skills, like Drill, PT and games. The emphasis in NDA is on character building, esprit-de-corps, mental and physical robustness, leadership and a sense of keen observation.

NDA has an excellent infrastructure for all-round training of cadets. Vast array of facilities like spacious and well maintained classrooms, well equipped labs, two Olympic size swimming pools, a Gymnasium, football grounds, polo grounds, a cricket stadium and a number of squash and tennis courts. The academic year is divided into two terms, viz. Spring Term (January to May ) and Autumn Term (July to December). Here a cadet has to undergo training for a total of six terms before he passes out from NDA.

Academic Training : Cadets are allowed to go for the following three streams :

  • B. A (Political Science, Economics, History)
  • B. Sc. (Physics, Chemistry, Maths)
  • B. Sc (Computer Science ) (Physics, Maths, Computer Science)

Computer Appreciation is a compulsory subject for all cadets irrespective of their stream.
The cadets also learn following mandatory subjects; Hindi, English, Foreign Language (Arabic / Bhutanese / Chinese / French / German / Russia / Urdu).

Physical & Sports :

A career as an officer in the armed forces demands a very high standard of physical fitness. A new entrant to the Academy is generally a happy-to-lucky young man, without any exposure to the rigors of soldiering. He is slowly but surely transformed into an ever-vigilant man of tremendous physical strength and stamina.

This is achieved through scientifically designed physical training exercises, which help in all round physical development of the cadet. Sports and games are given prime importance in the NDA. Facilities exist for all major games including Hockey, Football, Boxing, Cricket, Handball, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Squash, Tennis, Rowing, Yachting, and Sailing. The academy houses two Olympic size swimming pools and a well furnished gymnasium.

Physical training and sports are the responsibility of Physical Training Team which has NIS trained coaches and PT instructors to carry out its functions.

Equitation Training :

The NDA cadets are expected to learn riding as well as animal management. Equitation Training Team is responsible for these aspects of training. The Team stables a number of fine horses to teach cadets riding, polo and show jumping. There is also a Veterinary Hospital to look after these horses.

Specialised Training :

In their sixth term cadets are exposed to specialised service training and skills which they are required to learn in order to become commissioned officers in their respective service. This is the responsibility of respective training teams namely,  Army Training Team,  Naval Training Team and Air Forces Training Team.

Army Training Team, Naval Training Team , Air Force Training Team

Army Training Team :

The specialised service training for Army Cadet is imparted by this Team. The senior Army Battalion Commander is also the Senior Instructor for the Army Training Team. The cadets are taught section level tactics and basic operations of war, like patrolling, ambush and map reading.

Naval Training Team :

The specialised service training for Naval Cadet is imparted by this Team. The senior Naval Battalion Commander is the Senior Instructor for the Naval Training Team. All Naval cadets undergo practical training of sailing at Peacock Bay, which is fully equipped to train naval cadets on all the aspects of Boat handling, Wind Surfing, Rowing and other related areas.

Air Force Training Team :

The specialised service training for Air Force Cadet is imparted by this Team. The senior Air Force Battalion Commander is the Senior Instructor for the Air Force Training Team. All Air Force cadets undergo practical training of gliding. AFTT is fully equipped to provide about 12 launches to each Airforce cadet before he joins the Air Force Academy.

Getting Into the Academy :

  1. Test One: UPSC Written test
  2. Test Two SSB Interview
  3. Test Three Medical Test by Military Hospital
  4. Merit lest and Joining the Academy for Training
  5. How To Prepare for the NDA Examination?
  6. Read the Portions as for the Syllabus.
  7. After preparation attempt the Questions from the NDA Preparation Question Bank
  8. Read Daily News paper and make Important Notes about the present happening in India and abroad

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National Defence Academy (NDA)


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