Indian Air Force Technology – Altimeters

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Indian Air Force Technology – Altimeters :

Indian Air Force Technology Altimeters inform the pilot the altitude of the aircraft. The information provided by an altimeter ranges from important for Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flying to critical for an instrument approach. The IAF altimeter is a device that senses atmospheric pressure. As an aircraft climbs though the earth’s atmosphere, the pressure decreases. The IAF altimeter detects this reduction in pressure and displays the reading by mechanical or electronic means to the pilot.

Prior to takeoff, pilots will set the local altimeter reading (current atmospheric pressure provided by a weather station on the airfield and is measured by inches of mercury (Hg)). This will set the altimeter to the Mean Sea Level (MSL) of the airfield (also referred to as true altitude). After takeoff, if the aircraft is under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) or radar control, the pilot will use the altimeter to climb to the assigned altitude.

The Indian Air Force Technology Altimeter tells the pilot how high the airplane is above sea level. On the dial you will find three indicator arms, one to indicate height in hundred foot increments, one to indicate height in thousand foot increments and one to indicate height in ten thousand foot increments. As the arm of the 1000 foot indicator is between 7 and 8, and the arm of 100 foot indicator is on 5 and the small arm of 10000 foot indicator is between 0 and 1, the indicated altitude is 7,500 feet.

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Indian Air Force Technology – Altimeters


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